Land transactions for the week of March 21, 2012

Published 3:28pm Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from March 9-15:

March 9

-Nola P. Fowler to Nola P. Fowler and Beth F. Strickland for $10,000 for Lot 19 in Magnolia Parc.

-James M. and Lisa P. O’Brien to James M. and Lisa P. O’Brien for $5,000 for Lot 42 in Caldwell Crossings.

-John Howard and Nancy C. Holcombe to Ginger S. Carpenter for $627,200 for property.

-Samuel B. Morrison II, trustee, Ronald E. Morrison Jr., trustee, and Morrison Family Trust to Carol L. Locarno for $55,000 for property.

-Betty C. Horton to Tracy M. and Wanda Taylor Bush for $15,000 for property.

-Irene Rocks to Doyle L. Rocks for $5,000 for property.

-Gary and Priscilla Jennings to Gary and Priscilla Jennings for $99,750 for Lot 16 in Windstone.

-NSH Corp to David M. and Julie A. Clark for $241,161 for Lot 84 in Bent River.

-NSH Corp to Arthur R. Davis Jr. and Stephanie Davis for $283,750 for Lot 63 in Bent River.


March 12

-Beneficial Financial I Inc. and Beneficial Alabama Inc. to Julie and Christy Shamblin for $152,000 for Lot 51 in Forest Lakes.

-Cindy and Bennett Betz to Megan and Cole Patterson for $309,400 for Lot 83 in Greystone Farms Milners Crescent.

-HFV LLC, Ann Gancayco, member, and Artemio Gancayco, member, to Daniel M. and Carolyn H. Cook for $79,100 for Lot 1 in Culs Place Family Subdivision.

-Keith R. and Ann M. Lusco to Lance M. Nenninger for $293,500 for Lot 1 in Southpointe.

-Samuel Magana to Kevin B. Forbes and Maria Rosa Tapia De Forbes for $97,000 for Lot 2232 in Highland Lakes.

-Merchants and Farmers Bank to Teri and Michael Long for $295,000 for Lot 66 in Sterling Gate.

-Paul W. See Jr. and Priscilla A. See to Michelle and Julius C. Seindenfaden for $605,000 for Lot 2 in Northlake at Greystone.

-Babbie Seibels Styslinger to Dennis M. and Sally Kaiser for $285,000 for Lot 14 in Mountain View Lake Company.

-3J Property and Investment LLC to Todd Allen Erwin for $210,000 for Lot 13-4 in Cedar Grove at Sterling Gate.

-America’s First Federal Credit Union to John E. and Shaurice D. Horton for $259,900 for Lot 38 in Saddle Lake Farms.

-Bryant Bank to Phillip C. and Kimberly M. Jones for $45,000 for property.

-Tammi M. Ward Carr and Jason J. Carr to James Edward Latham, Linda F. Latham and James G. Latham for $132,000 for Lot 227 in Glen at Stonehaven.

-Sheila Clemons, Samuel David Clemons and Melissa Clemons to Donna J. and Norman W. Carpenter for $33,000 for property.

-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Forrest B. and Bethany G. Sheffield for $268,000 for Lot 1152 in Brook Highland.

-Richard C. and Jan F. Kiell to William L. Gunnells III for $430,000 for Lo t10-10 in Mt Laurel.

-Wells Fargo Bank and Wachovia Bank to David M. White and Despina Stavrinos for $291,000 for Lot 27 in Rushing Parc.

-Dwayne A. Bush to Thomas D. and Audrey H. Nord for $430,000 for Lot 265 in Highland Lakes.

-Joel C. and Amy M. Dixon to Roger R. Mayhew Jr. and Julia W. Mayhew for $150,000 for Lot 40 in Camden Cove.

-Marlon Lee Higginbotham to Jo Anne Ricks for $68,000 for Lot 206 in High Ridge Village.

-Jason and Jessica Johnson to Josh M. Warren for $134,000 for Lot 75 in Dearing Downs.

-Richard W. Kirchner to Barbara Griffitt for $229,900 for Lot 20 in Foothills Point.

-Patsy and Donny Claude Langford to Holly H. Hayes for $130,000 for Lot 46 in Woodland Hills.

-James Eric McBrayer to Dominic G. Orlando for $186,000 for Lot 33 in Narrows Point.

-Michael W. and Sandra C. Piper to Justin and Hannah Carter for $158,600 for Lot 16 in Weatherly Glen Abby.


March 13

-Adams Homes LLC to Martin E. and Jennifer R. Ewart for $176,000 for Lot 42 in Golden Meadows.

-Adams Homes LLC to Malcolm R. Braid and Carolyn Colland for $182,127 for Lot 359 in Silver Creek.

-Alireza Adhami and Marjan Karejar to Thomas T. and Sherry F. Kitchens for $196,000 for Lot 4 in Old Cahaba.

-Kimberly Anne Benjamin to Chad E. and Betsy R. Wegeman for $442,000 for Lot 16 in Heatherwood Forest.

-E. Scott Best to Colynda Vu for $177,500 for Lot 1 in Narrows Peak.

-Paul Alan and Andrea Brady to Donald Shawn Jordan for $432,500 for Lot 80 in Cove at Greystone.

-Dennis A. Carr Jr. to Thomas C. and Kayla Green for $90,000 for Lot 199 in Camden Cove.

-DR Horton Inc. Birmingham to Margaret D. Dukes for $154,000 for Lot 123 in Cottages at Chesser.

-DR Horton Inc. Birmingham to David L. Williams for $219,900 for Lot 247 in Creekside.

-DR Horton Inc. Birmingham to Kathleen Warren and Jonathan Allan O’Neal for $148,946 for Lot 163 in Cottages at Chesser.

-DR Horton Inc. Birmingham to Mario and Ana Marquez for $201,982 for Lot 160 in Cottages at Chesser.

-DR Horton Inc. Birmingham to George Andrew and Jessica W. Farr for $145,233 for Lot 15 in Polo Crossings.

-Fannie Mae to Sandra T. Alliston for $125,000 for Lot 97 in Greystone Ridge Garden Homes.

-Fannie Mae to Maximino Garcia for $15,000 for Lot 3 in Aldmont Subdivision.

-Fannie Mae to Ayo O. and Katrina D. Akinsanya for $163,000 for Lot 181 in Camden Cove West.

-Fannie Mae to James L. Keating, trustee, and James L. Keating Revocable Trust for $105,000 for Lot 19 in Dearing Downs.

-Guy Thomas and Alice Jean T. Hallbrooks to Tod M. and Kelly J. Adams for $405,000 for Lot 503 in Caldwell Crossings.

-Linda Horne to Joshua C. and Tonya L. Bradley for $205,000 for Lot 26 in Indian Wood Forest.

-Kenneth S. and Elizabeth H. Huggins to Kyle L. Roy for $196,000 for Lot 9 in Chelsea Village Estates.

-Cynthia R. and Harry Hughes to Jared Chaffin for $171,350 fo rLot 504 in Silver Creek.

-John D. Jenkins Jr. and Patricia P. Jenkins to David J. and Holly W. Stone for $249,900 for Lot 17 in Southpointe.

-JMorgan Chase Bank and Chase Home Finance LLC to Hugh William and Micah Goud for $112,000 for Lot 32 in Kensington Place.

-Donald Shawn and Amy Ray Jordan to Donald Shawn and Amy Ray Jordan for $10,000 for Lot 80 in Cove at Greystone.

-NSH Corp to Summer W. and Zachary S. Baker for $0 for Lot 41 in Bent River.

-NSH Corp to Bradly W. and Alicia S. Channell for $130,875 for Lot 105 in Waterstone.

-Michael R. and Dana H. Pate to Phillip S. and Valerie A. Craddock for $241,000 for Lot 20 in Bent Creek.

-Liesa Pitts, Lanette P. Steadman an d Anthony L. Steadman to David and Bethany Tongate for $164,000 for Lot 28 in High Ridge Village.

-Kerry M. Purcell to Amy M. and Joel C. Dixon for $130,000 for property.

-William B. and Pamela J. Raven to Dorothy N. White for $193,000 for Lot 52 in Greystone Farms Terrace Hills.

-Shelby Building Systems LLC to Eric Gomez and Jessica Sanchez for $129,000 for Lot 4 in Lexington Parc.

-Mark S. Shoemaker to Lester Harris and Eric Hudnall for $879,000 for Lot 417 in Highland Lakes.

-Floyd W. Shouse to Floyd W. Shouse and Allison S. Poskey for $50,000 for Lot 32 in Union Station.

-Sierra Building Company LLC to Shannise C. Spruel for $127,000 for Lot 46 in Stone Creek.

-Southcity Bank, personal representative, and Delores Grissom, estate, to David L. McAlister for $189,000 for Lot 21 in Inverness Green.

-Paula G. Switzer to Eddie L. Hand for $275,000 for Lot 139 in Arbor Hill.

-United States Steel Corporation to Newcastle Construction Inc. for $32,000 for Lot 294 in Hillsboro.

-Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 29 in Silver Creek.

-Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for property.

-Vicki and Roger Wilkins to Michael R. and Crystal S. Jones for $756,275 for Lot 3 in Environs Park.


March 14

-Fannie Mae to Sam E. Lorino Jr. for $72,000 for Lot 7 in Cahaba Valley Estates.

-Wilburn and Norma Hester to Bernice Marlow and Michela Marlow Garner for $157,400 for Lot 2 in Kings Meadow.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sharon Diane Presley Cook for $61,000 for Lot 10 in Willow Cove.

-Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, and CWALT Inc. to Raymond E. and Martha Davenport for $344,000 for Lot 16-21 in Mt Laurel.

-Fannie Mae to John P. Douglas for $150,200 for Lot 30 in Heatherwood.

-Barry Hillgartener to Lisa Hillgartner for $174,400 for Lot 29 in Meadow Brook Townhomes.

-NSH Corp to Russell W. Pate for $209,760 for Lot 48 in Bent River.

-Fay C. Porter to Andrew Davis Porter and Fay C. Porter, life estate, for $5,000 for property.

-Trustmark National Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $0 for Lot 15 in Nottingham Townhomes.


March 15

-America’s First Federal Credit Union to Adam G. West for $95,000 for Lot 531 in Forest Lakes.

-W. Bret and Stacy L. Ashby to Ashley Pickle for $111,050 in Lot 7 in Bermuda Hills.

-Patrick M. and Rhonda M. Dupre to Brian L. Todd for $260,000 for Lot 538 in Eagle Point.

-Fannie Mae to Aubrey Dennis Scott for $435,000 for Lot 21 in Greystone Farms.

-Daniel R. and Michele K. Fetner to Sue E. Schack for $162,000 for property.

-David S. and Melissa Gayle Landrum to Joseph Thomas Bradish for $138,000 for Lot 98 in Stage Coach Trace.

-James K. and Barbara T. Laws to Lyndy D. Roger for $262,000 for Lot 25 in Country Club Village.

-NSH Corp to Cameron Reynolds and Barbara A. Collier for $221,500 for Lot 14 in Bent River.

-Porter Bridge Loan Company Inc. to AFK Land LLC for $285,000 for Lots 16-19 in Chancellors Crossing.

-James E. Purvis Jr. and Rebecca B. Hayes to James E. Purvis Jr. and Rebecca B. Purvis for $252,000 for Lot 1029 in Grande View Estates.

-Bradley D. and Patti H. Salvage to Yonggang Han and Liqin Jiang for $122,500 for Lot 121 in Forest Lakes.

-Michael V. Waldrop to William W. and Dorothy V. Rayfield for $25,000 for Lot 3 in LN Wyatt Subdivision 2.

-Timothy Webster to Salvino and Michelle P. Lanzillotta for $120,000 for Lot 1 in Websters One Lot Family Subdivision.

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