Marriages for the week of April 25, 2012

Published 3:25pm Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from April 10-16:

-Scott William Smith, 34, of Alabaster and Pamela Layfield Howe, 36, of Shelby.

-Daniel Blake Chapin, 27, of Alabaster and Meredith Leigh Campbell White, 25, of Pelham.

-Scott Elliott Dennis, 35, of Alabaster and Haley Jo Templin, 26, of Alabaster.

-Timothy Shawn Bailey, 24, of Calera and Leah Nicole Harris, 24, of Calera.

-Timothy Marvin Franks Jr., 23, of Calera and Anneliese Marie Russell, 27, of Calera.

-Brandon Christian Rowell, 29, of Leeds and Megan Kathleen Janssen, 28, of Montevallo.

-Carl Alexander Seymour, 25, of Chelsea and Misty D. White, 23, of Chelsea.

-Jacob Alan Ryan, 22, of Alabaster and Courtney Nicole Reed, 22, of Alabaster.

-Jenero Dewayne Sigler, 30, of Calera and Geralyn Nicole Grant, 30, of Calera.

-William Thomas Carter, 64, of Indian Springs and Linda Downs Neason, 50, of Indian Springs.

-James Douglas Vibert, 27, of Birmingham and Ashley Katherine Austin, 27, of Birmingham.

-William Alan Detoma, 23, of Birmingham and Kathleen Ellen Powers, 23, of Birmingham.

-Matthew Alan Tatum, 28, of Bessemer and Christin Nicole Smith, 24, of Bessemer.

-David William Hilton, 31, of Calera and Jillian Nicole Gibson, 25, of Calera.

-Daniel Reaves Faulk, 27, of Pelham and Stephanie Melissa Hill, 28, of Pelham.

-Michael Christopher Cleland, 44, of Pinson and Evette Alyce Johnston, 43, of Alabaster.

-Travis Allan Wilson, 23, of Alabaster and Jean Marie Alexander, 22, of Calera.

-Eric Lyn Rodrigue, 34, of Odenville and Candace Parker Mullins, 40, of Odenville.

-David Lee Labbe, 29, of Alabaster and Cicily Diane Prestage, 35, of Bessemer.

-Daniel Brett Anderson, 25, of Calera and Kathryn Amanda Gordy, 26, of Madison.

-Charles Wesley Earl, 53, of Pelham and Ana Maria Little, 43, of Pelham.

-Charles Samuel Holtzman, 52, of Calera and Kelly Molloy Ferderber, 51, of Calera.

-Brandon Christopher Triola, 30, of Helena and Jessica Lauren Fitts, 30, of Pelham.

-Joseph Steven Dykes, 31, of Helena and Karen Ann Boyd, 29, of Helena.

-Marshall Lamar Pratt, 27, of Pelham and Sarah Elizabeth Brown, 30, of Pelham.

-Louis Daniel Joseph, 27, of Columbiana and Ashton Diane Edwards, 25, of Columbiana.

-Jacob Chealse Nash, 21, of Montevallo and Kayla Shea Waid, 22, of Montevallo.

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