Marriages for the week of May 23, 2012

Published 5:51pm Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from May 8-14:


-Stephen Michael Dailey, 22, of Pelham and Melissa Sue Parkins, 31, of Pelham.

-Johnathan Adam Price, 30, of Randolph and Catherine Jane Burnett, 29, of Randolph.

-Reginald Dwayne Dobynes, 45, of Hoover and Abris Karena Amos, 33, of Hoover.

-Jesse Lee Robitaille, 26, of Montevallo and Megan Lee Kunkel, 28, of Shelby.

-Alando Darnell King, 39, of Montevallo and Erica Sophelia Gilmore, 28, of Calera.

-Chadwick Wright Ingram, 41, of Maylene and Jennie Nicole Holmes, 30, of Maylene.

-Anthony Michael Jones, 21, of Montevallo and Chelsey Nichole Williams, 19, of Montevallo.

-Morgan James Williams, 37, of Birmingham and Lara Beth Warren, 38, of Birmingham.

-David Mahlon Grantham, 25, of Calera and Amanda Morgan Williams, 22, of Calera.

-Timothy Craig Parker, 28, of Bessemer and Laura Grace Gardner, 28, of Pelham.

-Caleb Daniel Crotwell, 25, of Helena and Lauren Denise Lawhorn, 25, of Helena.

-Brian Castillo, 29, of Calera and Ronda Sheree Teasley, 26, of Calera.

-Dustin Wade Wallace, 22, of Alabaster and Katherine Elise Powell, 23, of Alabaster.

-Newman Roden Nowlin III, 28, of Birmingham and Jamey Lyn Schollian, 30, of Calera.

-Clarke Irwin Sumerel, 24, of Randolph and Iralyn Lorraine Franklin, 26, of Alabaster.

-John Brandon Allison, 23, of Maylene and Heather Nicole Tucker, 24, of Alabaster.

-Michael Kenneth Willett, 34, of Birmingham and Adria Michelle Davis, 27, of Montevallo.

-Jeremy Kurt Wallace, 27, of Sterrett and Stephanie Dane Borden, 25, of Sterrett.

-Justin Ryan Vorel, 31, of Louisville and Charli Idell Cox, 28, of Louisville.

-Steven Jacob Clinkscales, 23, of Birmingham and Kimberli Jade Rutledge, 22, of Birmingham.

-Jeffery Leigh Brazier, 43, of Alabaster and Amber Leigh Cook, 36, of Alabaster.

-Rushton Glenn Thrift, 24, of Birmingham and Blaire Elizabeth Wheelis, 23, of Birmingham.

-Paul Johnson Levering III, 50, of Jemison and Lisa June Waldrop, 44, of Jemison.

-Ronnie Joe Sewell, 60, of Thorsby and Nancy B. Rasberry, 54, of Clanton.

-Bryan Neil Vines, 36, of Calera and Bobbie Rachel Kelley, 37, of Calera.

-Hector Fabian Gonzalez Campos, 35, of Calera and Edna Lizeth Puente-Armendariz, 32, of Calera.

-Eddie Bo Walker, 57, of Birmingham and Jane Gathoni Ndichu, 49, of Birmingham.

-Antonio Martin Castanida, 34, of Pell City and Ashley Michelle Lindsey, 24, of Pell City.

-Jeffrey Blake Stockard, 20, of Nashville and Rachel Joy Letson, 20, of Alabaster.

-Claude Allen Leach, 48, of Alabaster and Dasha Chistine Weaver, 35, of Alabaster.

-Deke Aye Smith, 22, of Calera and Meagan Elizabeth Lee, 28, of Calera.

-Brian Joseph Boughton, 33, of Chelsea and Constance Lee Hutchison, 32, of Chelsea.

-Claiborne Holmes Magee, 27, of Birmingham and Sarah Elizabeth Baker, 30, of Birmingham.

-Mason Reid Grimes, 18, of Montevallo and Autumn Topaz Marshall, 17, of Alabaster.

-William Boynton Adams, 56, of Birmingham and Sydne Jane Stone, 53, of Alabaster.

-Thomas Trenton Evans, 28, of Hoover and Christy Louise McKenzie, 23, of Hoover.

-Jonathan Michael Gullett, 21, of Starkville and Nancy Lynn Oaks, 22, of Birmingham.

-Victor Eugene Zagorski, 30, of Hoover and Bethany Deanne McLeod, 24, of Hoover.

-Warren Harding Fillmore, 50, of Westover and Kimberly Blackburn, 45, of Westover.

-James Clyde McNeely Jr., 37, of Alabaster and Tasha Renee Porter, 24, of Pelham.

-Ronald Edward Brown, 71, of Birmingham and Tammy Lynn Watts, 46, of Birmingham.

-Michael Anthony Puskar, 39, of Birmingham and Melanie Michelle Fisher, 34, of Birmingham.

-Putu Gede Primanta I, 32, of Hoover and Lisa Corinne Cox, 22, of Hoover.

-Jason Lynn Gibson, 31, of Indian Springs and Carla Marie Starcross, 33, of Pelham.

-Paul Thomas Andrews, 37, of Maylene and Ava Elizabeth Putman, 35, of Helena.

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