Members of the Pelham City Council will hear from representatives from SportsPlex, which is interested in purchasing the Pelham Civic Complex, during a June 18 work session. (File)

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SportsPlex looking to buy Civic Complex

Published 12:06pm Monday, June 11, 2012

 By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

Members of the Pelham City Council will hear from representatives from a company interested in possibly purchasing the Pelham Civic Complex during a June 18 work session.

During the work session, the council will hear from SportsPlex of America representatives Bryan Schultz and Pat DeLorenzo, who will present a plan to possibly purchase the complex from the city, said City Council President Teresa Nichols.

“I got a call from them last week,” Nichols said. “They have looked into building an ice rink in Hoover. They would like to buy our facility, and they will present that proposal during the work session.”

Over the past several weeks, the council has twice voted down resolutions aimed at issuing a request for proposals for companies interested in managing the complex.

The resolutions also would have authorized Pelham Mayor Don Murphy and Pelham Human Resources Director Jerry Nolen to implement a job reclassification plan and an employee “reduction in force plan” for the complex, and would have allowed Murphy to set new hours for the facility.

City officials previously said the Civic Complex has been losing between $900,000 and $1 million a year for more than a decade.

Nichols said she was unsure of the details of SportsPlex’s proposal.

“This is the first time we will all sit down and hear from them,” Nichols said.

Councilman Steve Powell, who voted against the two previous Civic Complex resolutions, said he is “keeping an open mind” about the SportsPlex proposal.

“I’m open to listening to any ideas,” Powell said. “I’m going to have to have input from stakeholders before we move forward with anything. We need to understand clearly what this will mean for them.”

Murphy shared similar feelings.

“I’m all ears. I’ll listen to anyone,” Murphy said.

By law, the council can not take action on any items during a work session. The council can only vote on matters during a regular council meeting.

The June 18 work session will begin at 6 p.m. at Pelham City Hall.


    I ask you a very simple question you do not want to answer so that alone tell me all you want to do is run your mouth about Murphy. I understand most people like you don;t know how to read a financial statement so your at a handy cap Sorry you dont know how because if you did you would be quit about this. SO YOU HAVE A WOUNDERFUL DAY

  • pantherlover

    Unlike you two mouthpieces I actually know what is going on inside City Hall, and what has gone on “during the last fourteen years” I know Ladewig makes junk up, and SAVED just plain doesn’t know.

    Carry on, gents.

  • David Ladewig


    You wrote:

    “Your numbers are fabricated or inflated at best. Your sources are not to be trusted……”

    and you also wrote:

    “Sorry, you simply cannot be trusted.”

    I don’t care what you trust or whom you trust. You can read the article first and see that it states that Pelham has lost $900,000 to $1,000,000 a year for FOURTEEN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG YEARS. It is right above this section.

    Then you can further learn more by visiting enter the documents section and read it all over again. It is all certified just for you.

    As the story goes, you already know who Paintball and Bullet are so we’ll let the dog sleep a little longer.

    Happy numbers checking!

    • pantherlover

      Those numbers do not represent the overall economic impact the Complex has on the city, and the complex has had poor management, of which Murphy has made worse, not better. Those are two glaring facts you cannot glaze over to people with good sense.

      This private company was looking to build in Hoover two years ago. Waiting a while to see if this is a good deal or not, isn’t going to force this company into building in Hoover tomorrow. Stop with your “sky is falling” mess.


    All you want to do is not agree with the truth would you please go on line and tell me what Pelham lost on the complex and remember to tell the truth as if GOD was by your side Love are Hate Don Murphy he said he would put it on line so all could see and he did so the bottom line is the complex has lost money for several years What does it matter if they rent it out and make money from it its still in Pelham

  • pantherlover

    Since you are a mouthpiece for Murphy, Nichols and Meadows, here’s a different viewpoint. One that is more likely shared by the general public.

    Since this company is interested in buying the Complex, it’s logical to say they believe it can be profitable. It’s never had the proper management, and this administration has proven they do not have the answers unless it involves hiring a friend, supporter or consultant. It’s worth listening to the proposal, and the losses that city hall keeps saying are occuring, are not an accurate depiction of the overall economic impact and potential impact that the Complex has.

    There’s no sense in rushing this or the Moore Handley deal, especially with the election coming up. Tax dollars are at stake and the savings account has already taken a hit from the flood zone trailer park purchase. I am confident that we have a good group on the Council right now that will make a wise decision.

    • David Ladewig

      Pantherlover, If I am a mouthpiece for Murphy, then you must be the mouthpiece for Paintball and Bullet.

      They will buy us out or build in Hoover. They will become profitable overnight because they will get the unsustainable labor costs in line with revenue. The economic impact of the building was studied several years ago. It was negative so it wasn’t released. Go to city hall and ask for it. They’ll give you a copy. I believe it was 07 or 08 when it was done.

      You are right about tax dollars being at stake. Sell this old building and the taxpayers don’t have to lose/waste $1 million bucks a year anymore. SELL and gain is the key to ending the obscene waste of money we have endured here.

      Your claim of anyone rushing won’t hold water. None of this is very new and the right people have been aware of all this stuff for a reasonable length of time. All those executive sessions weren’t bathroom breaks. If pPaintball and Bullet didn’t clue you in, too bad. No one told me anything either.

      The cc savings would be over $3 Million a year. With that much money back in the treasury, you could build a proper civic center with real architectural design and materials that will last hundreds of years or the city could reduce taxes by that amount.

      • pantherlover

        Who are “Paintball and Bullet”?

        Your numbers are fabricated or inflated at best. Your sources are not to be trusted. I trust the Council we have at the moment to make the right decision that will be in the best interest of the taxpayers and not the connected people it could affect.

        If the report were negative, I’d think your pals in city hall would have released it by now. Sorry, you simply cannot be trusted.

  • David Ladewig

    The selling of the building to an interested party has some merit. First, they are in the game when it comes to ice management. Second, the most of the financial losses would stop immediately upon a sale. Third, the building lifespan for this type of building isn’t as long as a brick/marble type and repairs are on the way. Fourth, employees could be re-assigned to other departments. Fifth, if that ice cooling system fails, it is monster money added on to the already monster losses. Sixth, the savings in expenses could be used to build a new civic meeting center without ice, with significantly better architectural design, and more useful than this one.

    I see a lot of benefits to selling it but not many for keeping it at the loss levels we have endured for 14 years. Council person Nichols and Mayor Murphy may have the answer to this eternal problem right in front of them next Monday night. Let’s see what these people have to say and go from there.

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