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Former Wilton police chief running for mayor

Published 4:48pm Monday, July 30, 2012


WILTON – Frank Page moved to Wilton in 2002 to become the town’s chief of police. He served for seven years, and now hopes to become the town’s mayor.

“Wilton may be a small town, but we have to improve on some things,” Page said.

Frank Page.

Page and his wife of 38 years have seven sons and a daughter. Page said he and his wife were foster parents for 20 years and adopted three of the children.

Page said he wants to bring small shops and a café to the town.

“We need something to draw people here,” he said.

Page, 66, began his law enforcement career in Montevallo, and later became a lieutenant with the Alabaster Police Department before retiring after 30 years of service in 2002. He then moved to Wilton and continued his law enforcement profession.

“If I am elected as mayor, I would like to re-establish our police department, resurface our streets and start trash pickup,” Page said. “I would like to clean up our town, among other things.”

Page said he wants to put “Wilton on the map.”

“Wilton is a great place to live, and if I am elected mayor, we will all work together to make it better and safer,” he said.

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