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Vincent divided at political forum

Published 9:53pm Thursday, August 23, 2012

“We need jobs in our town. We need to make Vincent a town where people want to work and live,” McAllister added.

The next question asked if the mayor candidate would consider annexing Vincent into another town, such as Harpersville.

“No,” McAllister said. “Vincent has a very rich history, so why would you want to change that?”

Cobb said he signed a petition in support of annexation three years ago when the quarry first “came to town.”

“It was a reaction to the way the current council and administration handled the situation,” Cobb said. “There was no response to the outcry against it. I don’t want to see Vincent become an industrial center no one moves to.”

In closing, McAllister said he has “learned from education” during his first term as mayor, as he graduated from Leadership Shelby County in 2010 and from the Alabama League of Municipalities.

“We want to continue to improve Vincent,” McAllister said. “With the income at present time, it’s hard to complete projects. We have to look for grants and look for jobs.

“Our industrial park has never been marketed,” he added, noting it has recently been advertised with the Birmingham Business Alliance and similar organizations. “That’s how we’re going to make Vincent grow, with jobs for our people and houses for them to live in.”

Cobb said he plans to mend the “rift in the community,” as the town has been divided over the incoming quarry.

“Over the last four years, there have been some successes, and (the current administration) should be applauded for that,” Cobb said. “But there is more that could have and should have been done.

“With any big decisions, the people will be aware. We’ll let the town make the decisions,” Cobb added. “As mayor and council, we work for you. You are our employers.”

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