THS alumni Josh Carden and his grandmother will be set to move into a volunteer-built house in Alabaster after a certificate of occupancy is issued. (Contributed)

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Final OK pending on Carden house

Published 5:35pm Thursday, November 29, 2012

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

Thompson High School graduate Josh Carden and his grandmother will be able to move into a new volunteer-built house in Alabaster after volunteers complete final drainage improvements to the property, the project’s organizer said on Nov. 29.

The Josh Carden Project began working to build a new house for Carden after his grandfather was struck by a car and killed in 2010 while he was crossing Fulton Springs Road to help Carden cross the street.

The group has been working for the past few years to construct the new house for Carden and his grandmother using donated materials and labor.

“The house is at the bottom of a hill, so we just have to make a few more drainage changes,” said Josh Carden Project organizer Jeff Brooks.

Once the house is inspected and the certificate of occupancy is granted by the city of Alabaster, Carden, who has cerebral palsy, and his grandmother will be set to move in. Carden and his grandmother currently live in a house in a heavy industrial area near an interstate overpass on Fulton Springs Road.

“Once that certificate of occupancy is granted, they will get the paperwork ready for us (to move Carden and his grandmother in),” said Richard Bite, an attorney for the Carden family. “We are anxious to move the family in.”

“As soon as we can get that certificate of occupancy, we can get them in,” said Pelham attorney Jim Odom, who is representing the Josh Carden Project.

Bite said the house is set up as a trust, and said the First United Methodist Church of Alabaster will assume ownership of the home if Carden and his grandmother pass away or move out of the house in the future.

“They want to make sure in the future that the house goes to someone with that handicap,” Bite said.

  • aumomX2

    If Josh does not have heat in his current home, please make a report to DHR for an adult protective services social worker to check on him. I am concerned if his family cannot meet his basic needs at this time. It is not Mr. Brooks or anyone elses responsilbity to ensure he has heat. That should be taken care of with his SSI money by his caregiver. If it is not, then the family and Josh have bigger issues than a delay in getting the new house ready. I question whether his money is being used to provide for him as it should. As far as Mr. Brooks and the volunteers, I am happy they are looking out for Josh and his best interest by ensuring the house is placed in a trust with the church. Otherwise, anyone could take advantage of Josh and use the house for collateral for loans, bail, etc. The house should be for Josh and only Josh and should be passed on to another needy Alabaster resident when Josh can no longer reside in the house. Mr. Brooks and the church is just trying to make sure that is going to happen. Kuddos to the community, Mr. Brooks, and the church for doing the right thing and looking out for Josh! Thank you Mr. Brooks for your vision and leadership.

    • Chicka672011

      Sounds right on target to me !!!
      They have alot of nerve. Maybe DHR should be called in !

  • goodmorning12

    So happy that the approval is almost ready. My daughter graduated with Josh and knew him as a fellow student. It was his classmates who lit the spark that inspired so many people to work together on his behalf. I have to give thanks to Mr. Brooks and all of the volunteers for picking up the mantle to make such a wonderful gift happen. Hoping the City will approve everything quickly!!!

  • weathergirl1

    I have known the Brooks family for quite a few years and in Jeff’s defense there are codes that are strictly enforced, by the city inspectors, not the church, not Jeff, for the safety of the people who will be living on the property. It is the law, for every house built in America. Smh…. Jeff has only wanted what was best for Josh and his grandmother from the time of the accident, and nothing more. This is a beautiful home by the way. very proud of my friends for spearheading the project! I think Josh is going to be very comfortable in his new home.

  • BAMA73

    Mr. Brooks has been saying for 2 weeks he was still waiting for one of the Deacons at the church to approve how long the remaining family would have to move out after Josh and his grandmother pass away… Now they have added a drainage ditch problem and house inspection…Wonder what it will be next week…Meanwhile, Josh doesn’t have heat. This is so sad the Church now has become so interested in taking the house it seems to be causing all these delays. It was supposed to be happy occasion for Josh, but now he is constantly upset about it…Very sad…

    • a2price

      Mr. Brooks is a very giving man with a wonderful heart. He and many others have worked tireless hours to give this family the blessing of a new home. The difficulties that have been faced regarding inspections and other things are no fault of Mr. Brooks. He is doing everything that he can to get sweet Josh into this home as quickly as possible. I know that God will bless the sweet Brook’s family for their wonderful and selfless gift that they have given to Josh.

    • Chicka672011

      Shame on anyone that thinks they are trying to hold this up, by coming up with a drainage issue.
      I have watched all these wonderful people work so hard to get this house done ! They have put so much sweat, effort & love into this project. Who else would have done something so wonderful ??? How about instead of criticizing, you actually THANK them !!!

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