Marriages for the week of May 1, 2013

Published 8:00am Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from April 16-22, 2013:


-Brian Stephen Brandenberg, 40, of Montevallo to Veronica Kaye Walker, 38, of Alabaster.

-Santiago Hernandez Perez, 65, of Cropwell to Phyllis Schmittou Loggins, 64, of Vincent.

-Aaron Michael Staab, 29, of Montevallo to Shaina Rochelle Silver, 24, of Calera.

-John Benson Darby, 24, of Pelham to Rebecca Christine Miller, 25, of Helena.

-Adam Franklin Hogan, 36, of Pelham to Barbara Millette, 37, of Pelham.

-Larry Keith Bentley, 32, of Alabaster to Charlsie Taylor Hobson, 23, of Alabaster.

-Charles Todd Self, 27, of Calera to Jessica Leigh Wilder, 22, of Pelham.

-Charles Darren McGairty, 44, of Helena to Kristi Teree Funderburk Mann, 40, of Helena.

-Mark Allen Berry, 25, of Birmingham to Tia Shae Tapia, 24, of Birmingham.

-Joel Everett Duncan, 28, of Santa Rosa Be, Fla., to Megan C. Crane, 28, of Santa Rosa Be, Fla.

-Rafael Tomas Correa, 31, of Birmingham to Ana Victoria Bonilla, 28, of Birmingham.

-Michael Allan Hughes, 29, of Leeds to Brittany Louise Jeffreys, 28, of Birmingham.

-Joseph Earl Ward, 29, of Montevallo to Alicia Michelle Callender, 25, of Montevallo.

-Wendell Ferdinard Bender, 49, of Birmingham to Davinna D. Fuller, 34, of Birmingham.

-James Lee Maddux, 35, of Nashville, Tenn., to Anna Elizabeth Jackson, 31, of Nashville, Tenn.

-James Kirk Glenn III, 37, of Birmingham to Sarah Parker Bradley, 31, of Birmingham.

-Michael Wayne Singleton, 26, of Wilsonville to Laura Beth Cagle, 24, of Wilsonville.

-Casey Wayne Barkley, 17, of Columbiana to Kayla Lee Hawk, 16, of Columbiana.

-John Charles Rutledge, 42, of Birmingham to Kaitlin Elizabeth Carden, 21, of Birmingham.

-Robert Joseph Phillips, 47, of Jemison to Dawn Whitfield Naish, 56, of Jemison.

-Kevin Wayne Towery, 37, of Leeds to Shelley Arlene Perry-Sherman, 34, of Leeds.

-Jeremy Heath Carmichael, 29, of Wilsonville to Amanda Mckenzie Roberts, 30, of Wilsonville.

-Kevin Hamilton Allen, 21, of Fultondale to Anna Elizabeth Hagood, 23, of Fultondale.

-William Todd Mize, 32, of Vincent to Elizabeth Brom Carpenter, 29, of Moody.

-Corey Allen Wright, 28, of Alabaster to Monica Denise Evans, 38, of Alabaster.

-Robert Christopher Ross, 32, of Chelsea to Jessica Nicole Yearber, 28, of Chelsea.

-James Jeffrey Keebler, 45, of Alabaster to Faith Carol Carson, 43, of Alabaster.

-Charles Newman Stapp, 69, of Calera to Jane Cumberland Jones, 73, of Shelby.

-Charles Anthony Olive, 41, of Helena to April Grubbs Riley, 37, of Helena.

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