Marriages for the week of May 29, 2013

Published 2:30pm Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from May 14-20, 2013:


-Jonathan Alan Hyde, 20, of Alabaster to Janna Elizabeth Johnson, 21, of Pelham.

-Eric Daniel Teer, 39, of Pelham to Lydia M. Degarmo, 35, of Pelham.

-Chase Alana Sandlin, 22, of Alabaster to Morgan Olivia Goldman, 23, of Helena.

-Jesse Alexander Pierce, 19, of Leeds to Ashley Dawn Bearden, 23, of Leeds.

-Dennis Wayne Leach, 44, of Pelham to Karen Lynn Wood, 44, of Maylene.

-Patrick Allan Hughes, 39, of Birmingham to Ashlee Lambert Brown, 38, of Birmingham.

-Johnny Lee Clements, 23, of Shelby to Akashya Lace Scoggins, 20, of Shelby.

-Geoffery Bozeman Walters, 24, of Birmingham to Mallory Grace McKenzie, 23, of Birmingham.

-Lonnie Joe Isbell, 37, of Vandiver to Crisie Meagin Mallory, 35, of Vandiver.

-Zachary Conner Olinger, 21, of New York, N.Y., to Madeline Leigh Hines, 21, of Birmingham.

-John Donald Motes Jr., 39, of Alabaster to Rebecca Nannette Falkner, 39, of Alabaster.

-Eliyahu Markshtien, 46, of Birmingham to Laurel A. Worthmann, 42, of Birmingham.

-Joshua Richard Smithey, 32, of Alabaster to Hannah Joy Peck, 25, of Alabaster.

-Jon M. Totty, 35, of Winchester, Ky. to Melissa S. Miller, 32, of Winchester, Ky.

-Nicholas Grafton Farmer, 26, of Birmingham to Erin Ashley Hartstein, 23, of Birmingham.

-Michael Wayne Davis, 45, of Birmingham to Latanya Denise Cotton, 35, of Columbiana.

-Brent Matthew Ashbaugh, 24, of Pelham to Tiffany Brooke Owens, 23, of Pelham.

-Jonathan Neil Angelillo, 24, of Montevallo to Kayln Marie Grimes, 19, of Brierfield.

-Daniel Evan Dennis, 24, of Helena to Christina Lynn Bowlin, 21, of Vance.

-Stephen Paul Jerrell, 48, of Hueytown to Tammy Lynn Lusk, 45, of Alabaster.

-Dennis Craig Schauer, 27, Birmingham to Melynda Joy Sides, 25, of Birmingham.

-Robert Harold Wheeler, 66, of Wilsonville to Vicky Ann Henderson Moore, 56, of Calera.

-James Alan Duncan, 30, of McCalla to Brittnie Gail Freiger, 30, of Bessemer.

-Charles Adam Taylor, 26, of Alabaster to Ilona Ashley Bevan, 21, of Alabaster.

-Steven Ray Eddy, 46, of Montevallo to Darleen Binion Whitman, 45, of Jemison.

-Bret Francis Lehr, 49, of Pelham to Victoria Altham Hammond, 38, of Pelham.

-Daniel Reece Galyean Sr., 61, of Rogersville to Rhonda Robbins Reeves, 60, of Birmingham.

-Marcus Daran Brasher, 36, of Chelsea to Jessica Faith Griffin, 30, of Chelsea.

-John Mikell Bynum, 27, of Helena to Mary Michael Brouillette, 28, of Chelsea.

-Stanton Alexander Costes, 19, of Montevallo to Arianna Storm Jones, 19, of Montevallo.

-Kenny Jerome Owensby, 42, of Calera to Kathryn Susanne McFarlin, 43, of Calera.

-Ashley Bythwood Perry, 29, of Calera to Patricia Lashonda Hurston, 28, of Calera.

-Landon Chase Giles, 22, of Helena to Miranda Nicole Lane, 22, of Alabaster.

-William Larkin Sumerlin, 24, of Pelham to Jessica Ann John, 23, of Birmingham.

-Martin Daniel Snowdon, 26, of Birmingham to Abigail Jane Thomas, 19, of Birmingham.

-Daryl Ryan Fox, 26, of Chelsea to Kristen Stone Price, 28, of Odenville.

-Andre W. Eugene Sumner, 38, of Pell City to Rebecca Ann Lackey, 42, of Pell City.

-Alexander Michael Oinos, 26, of Helena to Pamela Kay Friar, 26, of Helena.

-James Steven Hartley, 22, of Birmingham to Julia Meagan Bly, 26, of Birmingham.

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