Marriages for the week of June 12, 2013

Published 10:32am Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from May 28-June 3, 2013:


-Nicholas Drew Owen, 24, of Trussville to Kasey Dannette Beasley, 23, of Calera.

-Raymond Todd Burgess, 42, of Albuquerque, N.M., to Katrina Marie Burgess, 39, of Montevallo.

-Jonathan Lloyd Veazey, 22, of Birmingham to Christin Elizabeth Gaskill, 22, of Birmingham.

-Matthew James Sims, 27, of Sterrett to Kimberly Diane Hogan, 22, of Sterrett.

-Barry Jason Maroon, 33, of Wilsonville to Rebecca Lynne Maddox, 30, of Wilsonville.

-Sean Montgomery Jackson, 23, of Alabaster to Ashley Nicole Lott, 23, of Alabaster.

-Jonathan Christopher Shelby, 40, of Alabaster to Kimberly Ann Powell, 24, of Alabaster.

-Fred A. Whitworth Jr., 54, of Leeds to Fances Ann Payne, 47, of Leeds.

-Luis Alberto Perez Leon, 31, of Birmingham to Andrea A. Delcastillo-Munoz, 23, of Birmingham.

-Charles David Hopper III, 26, of Chelsea to Sara Elizabeth Keeney, 26, of Chelsea.

-Adam Jonathan Langley, 25, of Pelham to Katherine Durrett Weeks, 30, of Pelham.

-John Chadwick Tew, 39, of Sterrett to Jennifer Danielle Isbell, 38, of Sterrett.

-Harry Lloyd Reeder IV, 38, of Birmingham o Angela Jackson Turpin, 37, of Birmingham.

-Luke Houston Webb, 22, of Auburn to Kathryn Marie Hester, 22, of Auburn.

-William Rogers Young Jr., 26, of Alabaster to Tammy Elder Fillingim, 42, of Alabaster.

-Clint Taylor Smith, 26, of Ralph to Leah Renae Griner, 24, of Springville.

-Brian Hayne Smith, 24, of Birmingham to Christin Laurel Byars, 25, of Pelham.

-Justin Robert Finch, 29, of Calera to Susan Miranda Howard, 24, of Calera.

-Nicholas Robert Harris, 25, of Alabaster to Kayla Brooke Orso, 24, of Alabaster.

-Benjamin Jobie Jones, 30, of Birmingham to Jennifer L. Bray, 34, of Birmingham.

-Timothy Dale McCollough, 44, of Calera to Kathleen Meredith Harlow, 43, of Calera.

-Frank Robert Sweet, 56, of Helena to Marcia Annette Miller, 47, of Helena.

-Albert Carlton Hurston Jr., 26, of Calera to Lauren Elizabeth Roe, 24, of Calera.

-Matthew Joseph Breshears, 27, of Fulton, Mo., to Lauren Nichole Wood, 26, of Birmingham.

-Deedlon Marqutte Kirkland, 37, of Calera to Erin Davita Houser, 32, of Calera.

-Aaron I. Williams, 28, of Pelham to Nicole Yvonne Christensen, 24, of Pelham.

-Gary Andrew Philen, 24, of Birmingham to Chasity Nichole Gillman, 23, of Birmingham.

-Craig Matthew Wilemon, 24, of Montevallo to Mandie Leigh Watkins, 23, of Montevallo.

-Matthew Eccles Rogers, 23, of Lindon, Utah, to Stephanie Michelle Elmore, 20, of Maylene.

-Tyler Matthew Brand, 21, of Alabaster to Shelby Lynn Hughes, 21, of Alabaster.

-David L. Viviano, 28, of Baton Rouge, La., to Kierstyn Rebecca Mosco, 26, of Baton Rouge, La.

-Joshua Sydney Oldham, 24, of Alabaster to Heather Renee Wilson, 20, of Adamsville.

-William Joshua Wallace, 24, of Vincent to Dia Monya Taylor, 23, of Childersburg.

-Nicholas James Anglin, 23, of Helena to Valyn Marie Williamson, 21, of Helena.

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