Marriages for the week of Aug. 7, 2013

Published 9:13am Thursday, August 8, 2013

The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from July 23-29, 2013:


-Justin Michael Knauss, 21, of Wilsonville and Stephanie Celeste Joiner, 24, of Shelby.

-Shahn Ladon Michiels, 47, of Alabaster and Andrea Lea Shirey, 31, of Alabaster.

-Roderick Edward Gaddy II, 36, of Birmingham and Alicia Marie Holcombe, 34, of Birmingham.

-Billy Gene Daily, 61, of Pelham and Donna Samsal Knott, 60, of Pelham.

-Hubbard Dixon Bates Jr., 63, of Sylacauga and Laura Adair Payne, 68, of Wilsonville.

-William Michael Carlisle, 59, of Linden and Brenda Haddock Traweek, 54, of Birmingham.

-Daron Wayne Davis, 44, of New Market and Emilie Bouchet Atchley, 43, of New Market.

-Christopher Edward Solomon, 42, of Birmingham and Jennifer K. Hendrix, 44, of Birmingham.

-Brian Michael Zimmer, 25, of Birmingham and Kayla Nicole Hester, 23, of Calera.

-Terry Rodney Blackmon, 60, of Boaz and Jacqueline Lorino Lee, 62, of Alabaster.

-James William Barton, 23, of Durham, N.C., and Kelsey Elise Johnson, 24, of Birmingham.

-Daren Alonzo Lanier, 48, of Birmingham and Lene Gourmet Wormley, 42, of Sterrett.

-Nicholas Blake Scott, 27, of Helena and Cori Vanice Gosnell, 27, of Helena.

-John Drew King, 49, of Helena and Sonya Zorn Smith, 47, of Helena.

-William James Oldfield, 23, of Birmingham and Elizabeth Grace Wheeler, 23, of Montevallo.

-Walter Eugene Poe, 37, of Columbiana and Janice Kay Whaley, 26, of Columbiana.

-James Dwight Hodgens, 31, of Chelsea and Vanessa Kaye Whittington, 27, of Chelsea.

-Robert Anthony Duke, 50, of Alabaster and Monica Cher Evans, 41, of Alabaster.

-Philip Samuel Lawrence, 27, of Helena and Caitlin Amanda Harvey, 21, of Helena.

-Jonathan M. Fox, 28, of Nancy, Ky., and Amanda Rose Griffith, 31, of Calera.

-Jacob Alexander Haynie, 19, of Maylene and Sydney Louise Long, 22, of Maylene.

-Christopher Michael Holcombe, 29, of Columbiana and Wanda Michelle Pickens, 30, of Birmingham.

-Jerry Wayne Lewis, 69, of Columbiana and Beverly Melton Jones, 54, of Columbiana.

-Brody Michael Cornelius, 25, of Oneonta and Emily Drew Copeland, 22, of Saraland.

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