Let park remain natural

Published 3:57pm Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Editor,

Buck Creek Park is a place that everyone enjoys the small trails. Sadly, when people decide to clean it up, they go too far and ruin the natural look of the trails. When walking along the trails you have a nice little bit of nature in the middle of the city.

But one area is being destroyed by some people’s thought. When someone walks up to the pavilion area the trees are scarce. To be honest, that trail was beautiful with nature covering what was once a part of the mills in the area. Since the new buildings went up near there, nature has taken a hit that makes those trails look worst.

A simple solution to fix this problem is to let nature take back over certain areas creating a balance there. Maybe plant some plants that are known to grow in that zone. To create the safety that was a likely choice by those who worry, to let it completely block view of the park but let some of it grow back.

Troy Mason


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