Commissioners must trust appointees

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 3, 2002

It’s the County Commission’s time to be in the hotseat.

They are sure to be greeted by a houseful of residents representing both sides of the &uot;church zoning&uot; issue at next week’s meeting.

Following last week’s commission work session, it appears members may be split on the vote. The vote will bring more controversy in its wake regardless of the outcome.

The argument against the measure has stated that any regulation of church zoning is a violation of every American’s right to freedom of religion.

The argument for conditional zoning seeks to offer adjacent residents a chance to &uot;have their say&uot; on growth in their neighborhoods and on their streets.

No doubt, it’s a tough issue &045; for both sides.

Following months of research, the Planning Commission decided conditional zoning was our best option.

The fact is that conditional zoning will not necessarily deny zoning for churches. Churches will continue to be approved for their renovations, their new buildings … for the growth that is sure to continue.

It all comes down to trusting our commissioners to appoint planning commission members who will not deny zoning changes for churches based strictly on personal approval of the religion, race or size of the church.

Zoning in residential areas is a must, so our county commissioners must ensure they appoint responsible and trustworthy planning commissioners who will make honest and fair decisions.

The citizens of Shelby County have elected commissioners to protect us.

We have placed our trust in them.

Let’s hope they have appointed planning commission members they also trust