Bachelor show is someone’s bad idea

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 10, 2002

In case you missed it (and I figure given the lack of uproar, most of America has) there’s a new show out called &uot;The Bachelor.&uot;

The premise of the show is simple: there are 50 women who are all vying to marry one bachelor.

The bachelor is supposedly an Ivy League graduate, well off and just an overall good guy who must not be able to get a date any other way.

Sounds like a winner to me.

Each week, the field gets more narrow, as the bachelor chooses his &uot;dates&uot; for the next week.

Those who are asked to stay are given a rose.

Those who don’t get selected have to leave the house and the show.

I don’t guess they get a flower or anything.

Sounds entertaining doesn’t it?

This show has to be the greatest idea since &uot;Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire,&uot; and we all witnessed how well that turned out.

A friend of mine was the one who told me about the show. He thought it was a great idea.

&uot;There are about 50 gorgeous women and they all are after this one guy and he’s nothing special or anything. How do I get on this show?&uot; he said.

You don’t want to know my reply.

I can’t imagine why any woman would think going on this show is a good idea.

Whoever pitched the idea had to be one heck of a salesman. I can hear it now:

&uot;See, there’s this show, and you’re going to get to be on it.

&uot;You’ll have to live in a house with a bunch of other women and spend all your time with the fellow contestants in the hopes that this one guy will be nice enough to come by and take you on a date.

&uot;Oh yeah, once a week, he will bring you in with all the other women and he may or may not ask you to stick around for another week, so you may or may not get to go out with him again.

&uot;And by the way, you won’t get to go out on a date with him by yourself.

&uot;You’ll usually be with five of the other lucky women.

&uot;Then, if things work out the way he wants, you will get to be his bride. So what do you think? Sounds like something you want to do?&uot;

Geesh. I did not realize the female race was this desperate.

Apparently, we are.

And since marrying times are this tough, I think we should just do away with the dating part and just raffle the few available men off to the highest bidder.

There’s more dignity in that than going on a show such as &uot;The Bachelor.&uot;

I’ve got $5.95 on the brunette.

Leada DeVaney is the publisher and president of Hartselle Newspapers. She is the former managing editor of the Reporter