Tribute to Johnny Lowe

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Shelby County lost one of its greats last week.

Johnny Lowe, owner of Lowe Realty and true servant to the community, died last Thursday at 69.

His death was sudden and tragic, and we wonder who will step up to fill the many shoes he wore.

Research has revealed there was not one part of Shelby County that was not touched by Johnny Lowe.

He was a servant to the senior citizens, to the homeowners, to the children and to his family.

The lives he touched were evident in the hundreds of people who turned out for his memorial service last Saturday.

His death will create quite a hole in many of the governing boards and organizations in Shelby County as well as among the ranks of those people who are just able to get things done.

And who will fill that hole?

Lowe’s son, Mayor Allan Lowe, said during the funeral that it will take the work of many to fill all of the shoes his father wore on a regular basis.

Mayor Lowe called upon all of us to step forward and become a part of our community &045; to be willing to meet the needs as they come along.

That was the legacy of service that Johnny Lowe left for all of us. Let’s not disappoint him