Don’t forget to vote June 25

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 18, 2002

About 30 percent of Shelby County’s registered voters turned out for the June 4 primary election.

That percentage was well above the statewide average.

Shelby County has some 80,000 registered voters, and for the primary, 24,000 of them came out to cast their votes for the future of this county and this state.

Unfortunately, the same is not expected for the June 25 runoff.

And we wonder why.

There are numerous important seats still up for grabs including Secretary of State, State Auditor, Shelby County Property Tax Commissioner and State Senate District 14.

These are the people who, if elected in the November general election, will lead our state for the next four years.

The next Secretary of State will help to ensure that Alabama has honest elections, a problem which has plagued many areas of Alabama for years.

The next State Auditor will be entrusted with making sure the state’s finances are well documented and being accountable for purchased property of all state departments.

The Shelby County Property Tax Commissioner will begin a tradition of honesty and integrity in that office. The commissioner has the chance to upgrade the current system &045; the computer system and their system of dealing with the public. What an opportunity!

The State Senator from District 14, which represents Helena, Pelham, Montevallo and parts of Alabaster and Calera, will be the area’s direct representative in dealing with our massive traffic problem. Each of the candidates have made promises concerning those traffic problems, and it’s up to us, as citizens to determine who has the best case and then to hold them to it once they take their place in Montgomery.

We must get out and vote on June 25. Our future depends on it