Commit to Shelby County seniors’ needs

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Shelby County’s seniors can be proud of the fact they live in a county which supports their desire to have places to gather &045; places they can share memories with friends, enjoy good food and fun times.

Several communities are struggling to find ways to improve the facilities in which seniors meet.

For example, both Columbiana and Montevallo are working to improve or replace their current senior centers.

Columbiana seniors meet in a small, brick building which they share with other groups.

Montevallo seniors meet in a dark, windowless Butler building more suited for a welding shop.

Both groups make the best of their situations but yearn for more.

Chelsea, one of Shelby County’s newest communities, is working to start a senior program of its own.

Sue Tedford, director of Shelby County Senior Services, has assumed the role of prodding the communities in their efforts to improve senior services throughout the county.

Tedford makes the point that these citizens have played an immeasurable role in Shelby County’s current success.

Residents of Shelby County must become aware of the needs of our senior citizens.

And we must make a commitment to meet those needs.

Let’s encourage our county and city officials to support the efforts of Shelby County Senior Services and the various municipalities that are committed to these seniors.

Let’s act as cheerleaders, just as Tedford does daily.

After all, we are all growing older and one day, the needs of these seniors will be our own