Put children’s safety first

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Shelby County Schools will be back in session next Monday, so it’s time for drivers in Shelby County to slow down and look around before they take the crazy chances that have become normal in driving across this county.

So many times, drivers on Shelby County roads can be observed speeding recklessly without thought for other drivers or pedestrians, and especially without thought to Shelby County’s children.

With school back in session, children will be lining the streets and highways across the county waiting for buses or other transportation.

Some children will even be walking or riding their bicycles to school.

We must be aware of these children to ensure their safety.

Mowing a child down while he or she is on the way to elementary school is unacceptable.

Drivers, let’s think before we climb behind the wheels of our vehicles. Let’s pay attention to those flashing school speed limit signs. We owe it to ourselves and these children