280 sewer project will be reduced

A sewer project that was intended to run from County Highway 51 in Westover

down to Harpersville at a cost of $6.5 million won’t be quite that big.

Larry Riggins, a member of the Westover Town Council and the GUSC (Governmental Utilities Service Commission) reported to the council at its Aug. 13 meeting that the project will be reduced to $4.5 million.

Ernest Hale of the managing partners of Enviro-Systems LLC (Cheyenne Environmental) said original plans were to go all the way into the Chelsea. Now, he said, the plan is to go to Harpersville and Vincent along Highway 280 and Highway 55.

Hale said that instead of laying line into Chelsea, the plan is to wait on customers to come on board first.

In other matters, George McKinnon, chairman of the Westover Planning Board reported one resignation, the establishment of term limits and a change of meeting dates.

He said Jo Mann offered her resignation, and the commission moved its meeting date from the first to the fourth Tuesday of the month

at 7 p.m.

McKinnon also reported on the establishment of terms of office for board members.

They are: Betty Elliott, one year; McKinnon, two years; Annette Tyler, three years; Melissa Wilson, five years; and Terry Gardner, six years.

In other matters, the council approved ordinances to accept the annexation of the following properties into the town limits:

Along Highway 55 N., Kermit W. and Gwen F. Ingle; Judy McLaughlin; Paul S. Lusco and Josephine P. Lusco; John and Charlotte Lusco. Highway 55 S., James D. Wall, Denise S. Wall and JoAnn D. Simonetti, and Michelle Kent.

Fire Chief

Charles Barnes reported there had been numerous heart attacks as a result of heat and people working too hard.

Mayor West advised the public to keep mosquito breeding grounds down in light of the West Nile Virus in the news.

West also reported that efforts are being made to design a welcome sign for the town.

Ideas he shared included art of deer, horses and trains on an English type shield