Calera residents come out winners

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Calera city officials have found a way to pay for additions to the city’s sewer system without passing the cost on to current customers.

The city, like the rest of Shelby County, is experiencing tremendous growth and as Mayor George Roy has always said, &uot;We’re just waiting our turn, and we’ll be ready when it gets here.&uot;

It appears he was correct.

With subdivisions such as Waterford, located off Highway 70, expected to add more than 900 homes in the next couple of years, Calera officials are ready and have made the moves necessary to greet the growth with a smile instead of a wince.

Residents came before councilmembers on Monday night expressing concerns that the cost of expanding the current sewer system would fall directly on them.

Not true, Mayor Roy said. The council had already given the mayor the authority to designate a half cent of the city’s 3-cent sales tax to pay for the $8 million sewer project which will more than double Calera’s sewer capacity.

The mayor assured those residents that their sewer rates would not change.

In addition, he told them, impact fees and tap-on fees will only be charged to new construction.

This is the type of proactive approach to growth that must be taken by all Shelby County officials &045; municipal and otherwise.

We commend the Calera City Council and Mayor George Roy for finding a solution to an expanding problem that would be beneficial to residents