I hear Canada’s nice, too

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 3, 2002

As I write this, I’m getting ready to head out to Niles, Mich. for a meeting. I’m flying from Nashville, Tenn., to Chicago and then driving to Michigan.

Look out.

The girl who hates to fly is having to board an airplane. Even worse, this same person &045; who gets lost in Hartselle, Ala. &045; will have to drive though Chicago to get to Michigan. At night. Alone. In a rental car.

This is surely a recipe for disaster.

I’ve gone on the computer and printed out as many maps, directions and area guides as possible. They are all fine and good, except they use directions such as &uot;travel north&uot; and &uot;head west.&uot; Unless I happen to have a compass in my hand, this means nothing to me.

I guess I will figure out what direction east is when I see the sun rising after driving for 14 hours through a part of the country I know nothing about. Maybe I can figure it out then.


From what I can decipher, I basically will follow the water along a path to arrive at my destination.

&uot;But you won’t see the water,&uot; my boss said. &uot;Remember &045; you’re in the North. All you will see are factories. You won’t actually see any water.&uot;

Cross that landmark off my list. Apparently, in the North, they work real hard to hide their huge bodies of water. Makes sense to me.

I’ve just got to get my mind right about this whole experience.

This trip should be an adventure. I’m traveling to places I’ve never been before and will see sights I’ve never seen.

A girl alone in the city. If I had a hat, I’d throw it in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. But I believe she was in Minneapolis, Minn. She probably wouldn’t have thrown her hat up in the air in Chicago, since she wouldn’t have been able to see the city for the factories and all. She would have just driven right past it.

The truth is, I’m not much of an adventurer. I’m more a keep-my-feet-on-the-ground kind of girl. Adventure to me would be finding my way home from Huntsville.

I’m sure it will all work out. I will arrive safely, having enjoyed a nice, calm flight. I will find the rental car place without a problem.

I will then follow my maps from Chicago to Michigan without a problem. I will arrive safely and check into my hotel and enjoy a long, restful night of sleep. I will have a productive meeting and follow all the above steps to arrive home safely on Friday.

I will. I will. I will.

And, just in case I get lost, I will call AAA on my cell phone and they will give me directions home from Canada.

I hear it’s lovely this time of year