Not just a phone number anymore

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 3, 2002

&uot;911&uot; isn’t just a telephone number anymore; it’s a national disaster that has cut right through the core of the heart and soul of America.

Almost a year has passed now and it seems nothing has been done in retaliation of Sept. 11, 2001, or &uot;9-11&uot; as it has come to be known. What a crying shame.

Nothing has been done about the innocence that was stolen from our country, the families who were left fatherless or the mothers who were left childless.

Nothing has been done about the newlyweds who never got the celebrate their first year together, or the students who never finished their college degree.

I’ll never forget the words of President Bush in one of his many addresses regarding the disaster: &uot;Everyone who died that day was the most important person in someone’s life.&uot;

As a child, one of the first things we learn from our parents is that they have to punish us when we do something bad to teach us a lesson.

On the other hand, one of the first things we learn as parents is that when we punish our children, it must be immediate &045; if not, it is useless.

You can’t spank or restrict your child one week after they talk back to you &045; much less one year.

I whole-heartedly believe in our President and his advisers’ knowledge and abilities; and we must trust them. I know they are privy to things we cannot be made aware of for reasons of national security.

I’m glad that President Bush is in charge but more importantly, that God is in control.

One of our Congressmen recently shared with us that we probably won’t retaliate until after the November elections are over because of what it may look like and the political motivation the public may perceive.

In my humble opinion, what happened on Sept. 11 of last year is all the motivation we need, and it shouldn’t be considered &uot;political&uot; in any shape, form or fashion.

Our retaliation is justified, and whether it’s &uot;politically right&uot; or not isn’t important &045; it’s whether it’s &uot;right&uot; or not.

Besides, I’ve never heard any news reports on the number of Republicans or the number of Democrats whose lives were lost &045; only the number of Americans whose lives were lost that day.

On Sept. 11 of this year, there will be many moving tributes to the fallen heroes and average working-class Americans who lost their lives that dreadful day. There will be prayer chains in our churches and moments of silence in our schools. Police officers and firefighters will raise their flags; radio stations will play patriotic songs; and we will all offer a spiritual salute to those who died.

And while the ceremonies may comfort those who lost loved ones, it will not replace what they or we, as a nation, have suffered at the hands of terrorists &045; unpunished terrorists who will continue to plague us until we retaliate and send a strong and clear message that attacks on our country will not be tolerated.

While some may be quick to point out that retaliation won’t bring back the lives that were lost that day, it will certainly restore pride in a country where we can live safely and know that we invest in a leadership and a military that protects us to the best of their ability. It will also serves as a wake-up call to any other countries looking to attack us in the future.

No &045; &uot;911&uot; isn’t just a telephone number anymore; it’s a national tragedy that has cut right through the core of the heart and soul of America.

9-11 doesn’t just need to be remembered anymore &045; it needs to be avenged