Stay on your guard

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 17, 2002

On Monday night, a woman who turned in three medical students headed to Miami last week, was checked into the hospital in Atlanta for chest pains.

She has come under attack since she turned them in because she believed they were making terrorist threats.

She believed she overheard them saying 9-11 in New York City would not be remembered as much as 9-13 (last Friday) in Miami.

So, she reported them to the police. They were stopped on Interstate 75 and held for about 17 hours before they were finally released under the guise of a &uot;misunderstanding.&uot;

Now, this woman has unfairly become the target of numerous accusations of racism and the like.

If what she believed was occurring had turned out to be the complete truth and she had stopped the deaths of thousands in Miami, she would be the hero.

If thousands had died and she had not reported it, she would be the target of much scorn.

Instead, she reported something that turned out not to be true. The Middle-Eastern medical students thought it laughable to say things that she could misconstrue.

It seems you just can’t win. As Americans, we have been warned to be on our guard &045; aware of our surroundings and our safety at all times.

This north Georgia woman absolutely did the right thing.

She did what all Americans should be doing everyday. Let’s continue to be on our guard, regardless of the consequences