Take role in Alabama’s future

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 29, 2002

The 2002 general election is less than a week away. And it can not come too soon for us and many voters across the state.

This election has been a nasty one since the beginning.

First, it was the governor vs. the lieutenant governor. Now, it’s the Democratic governor against the Republican U.S. Congressman; the current state auditor against the incumbent U.S. Senator; the current state treasurer against a Shelby County resident and state senator.

The races have reached a level of nastiness to which we must become accustomed.

Thank goodness, it’s almost over.

At least this year’s elections have a couple of things for which Shelby County should be proud.

Two of the candidates on the ballot are residents of Shelby County.

Up for election for two of only seven Constitutional offices in Alabama are resident Bill Armistead and Beth Chapman.

Beth Chapman is running for the office of state auditor, and it is with great pride that we endorse her for the office. She is, by far, the most qualified candidate.

She has the administrative capabilities and the political savvy to get the job done. She also has the willingness to work diligently and honestly for the people of Shelby County and Alabama.

Plus, she lives in Shelby County and has pledged time and time again to work for the betterment of our county. Her campaign promise throughout has been &uot;honesty and integrity in government&uot; and you can bet she means it.

Beth Chapman is the clear choice.

Columbiana resident Bill Armistead is running for the office of lieutenant governor against current state treasurer Lucy Baxley.

Baxley is likable and has done a good job as treasurer. But a great smile and an even better slogan do not a lieutenant governor make. She has never been involved with the Alabama Senate, does not know its ins and outs. And in this job, that is a necessity.

Armistead has represented Shelby County well during his time in the Alabama Senate. His move to lt. gov. will only be a boost to the interests of our county.

Bill Armistead gets our nod.

Democrat incumbent Gov. Don Siegelman’s actions following the defeat of the first lottery initiative were indescribably inadequate for the leader of a state, a city or even a kindergarten class. He has failed, time and again, to be the governor he promised he would be four years ago.

And we are convinced should he be elected, he will fail us again, especially since he still clings to an issue that has already been voted down by Alabama citizens.

Bob Riley, on the other hand, is coming in with a fresh perspective and a desire to bring honor back to the governor’s office &uot;just as President Bush brought it back to the Oval Office,&uot; he said.

He has new ideas which can only be good for Alabama, so Bob Riley is our choice for governor.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions has become an influential and important member of the United States Senate. His experience far outweighs that of his opponent, Susan Parker.

Jeff Sessions is the choice for U.S. senator.

U.S. Congressman Spencer Bachus, like Sessions, has worked hard for Alabama and Shelby County during his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Spencer Bachus is the only choice for U.S. representative.

Incumbent Atty. Gen. Bill Pryor is one of few politicians whose motives are absolutely honest and upright. He’s done a great job for Alabama, having been, at the time he was appointed, the youngest AG in the country.

We’d be proud to have Bill Pryor as the state’s attorney general for another four years.

Dave Thomas, who is running as a Republican for secretary of state, grew up in Shelby County and attended Shelby Academy.

His intentions seem to be to continue to work done by Jim Bennett to ensure fair and accurate elections in Alabama. His opponent has suggested drive-through voting at each courthouse in the state.

The nod goes to Dave Thomas.

For state treasurer, our choice is Kay Ivey. Her background in banking and investments will enable her to successfully care for our state’s funds.

Kay Ivey is the best choice.

In the race for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industry, we go with Republican Dr. J. Lee Alley. Dr. Alley is a fine person with the upstanding values that someone in this position should have.

His background will enable him to carry out his duties in a way that will bring Alabama into the 21st Century in both agriculture and industry.

Whomever you choose, let’s just all remember to get out and vote next Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Shelby Countians have a great interest in those who are elected to lead our state for the next four years. Our county will face a variety of issues during these years that will decide our fate.

Be careful when you make those voting choices. Choose the person who will aid in ensuring a successful future for our county