Principal Partners enlightens

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Last week, I spent the day in Shelby County’s largest school &045; Thompson High School.

I’ve participated in Principal Partner Days before; but, I’ve always gone to elementary schools.

I’m one of those nostalgic people who love the smell of an elementary school. You know that smell &045; the glue-snot-construction paper smell that permeates every elementary school.

Last year, I spent the day with retired principal and current school board member Peg Hill and had a great time.

This year, I decided to branch out and chose a high school, Thompson.

It just so happens to be the largest school in Shelby County.

With ??? students, the fairly new facility already has an array of trailers that the teachers laughingly refer to as &uot;Trailer Village.&uot;

They are bursting at the seams and will only continue to grow.

I spent time with principal Ron Griggs, and let me tell you, I can’t imagine how he gets it all done.

During the time I was with him, he was teacher, disciplinarian, counselor, evaluator, maintenance man, roof repairman, plumber, general organizer and complaint department and my tour guide.

And that was only a couple of hours.

It is incredible to me how much he had to get done and how varied his tasks were.

I found some great things happening at Thompson High School.

Their journalism program, for instance, has really taken some positive steps.

Currently, they offer classes in print and broadcast journalism.

Students are learning about the news in front of the camera as well as writing and reporting for the newspaper and annual.

It’s a great program. Ms. Shaw has done a terrific job in developing it.

I enjoyed my day at Thompson High School and as always, came away with a feeling of awe for those who choose educating as their profession.

If everyone could walk one day in the shoes of one of Shelby County’s teachers or principals, we would all come away with a greater depth of respect.

Thank you, Mr. Griggs and Thompson High School, for allowing me to view things from the inside. Keep up the good work