Siegelman: Save face

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 12, 2002

When Governor Don Siegleman heard preliminary reports come in on election night indicating that he had won the governor’s race he said, &uot;the people have spoken.&uot;

When he later heard that those numbers were misreported, and he in fact lost the election to Republican Bob Riley, he began what could turn into a long and painful process for Alabama.

Siegleman should accept the results of the vote and save face, both for the people of Alabama and himself.

The votes themselves were misreported, not miscounted.

By continuing to contest the results of the election and refusing to concede to Riley, Siegleman is putting Alabama through a transition process that should not be a difficult one.

Alabama does not need to be focused on ballots, recounts and legal battles. Everyone witnessed what such circumstances did for the state of Florida.

It is time to move forward and embrace our new governor.

Alabama’s citizens are already disgusted enough with their state politicians after the negative campaign ads from both sides.

The first step to restore public faith in state government would be for Siegleman to declare Riley the governer-elect.

When Siegleman thought that he had edged out Riley he said he hoped that Riley would not contest the election.

We suggest that Siegleman adhere to those words himself.

Yes, Mr. Siegleman, the people have spoken. The only question is, will you listen to them