Alabaster council appoints three

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 19, 2002

The Alabaster City Council made three appointments to the Parks and Recreation Board, postponed action to amend the city’s nuisance ordinance and agreed to recount those requesting speed humps for Independence Drive at its Monday, Nov. 18 meeting.

Mayor David Frings also reported that the Alabaster Fire Department has received an $80,000 grant to replace self-contained breathing apparatus units, which will save the city

funds already budgeted for those replacements.

The council re-appointed Thomas Pounds and Lois Glacken to two-year terms and appointed Parker Bond to replace Chris Honeycutt, who had resigned, on the city’s Parks and Recreation Board.

Because legal questions still remain, the council voted to postpone a public hearing on the amendment of the city’s nuisance ordinance until Dec. 16.

The council wants to limit enforcement of the ordinance to tickets and fines, members said.

The council also voted to set a public hearing on an amendment to the business and marketing ordinance for Dec. 2.

The amendment would allow

persons who own businesses in the city to be appointed to the board.

Councilmember Adam Moseley said he would like to send letters to those who signed a petition for speed humps on Independence Drive to see where they now stand on the matter.

Mayor Frings offered assistance on a recount in that effort.

Moseley said one petitioner said they were now opposed to the speed humps and another wants the signs for the speed humps moved from the proposed location