Montevallo residents have two weeks to consider zoning

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Montevallo residents will have about two weeks to let their City Council know if they support a move to rezone the Aldrich Community from A-O (Agricultural Open-Space) to an NC-2 (Neighborhood Conservation) district.

The rezoning would allow townhouses and garage apartments but would only conditionally allow manufactured homes.

Following a public hearing Monday night in which the majority of those in attendance favored the NC-2 zoning over an NC-4 zoning allowing manufactured homes but not townhouses or garage apartments, Councilmember Stann Garris said, &uot;I believe we ought to give the people a chance to come back in two weeks.&uot;

Montevallo Mayor Grady Parker urged

those present for the public hearing to, &uot;Please go back and tell your neighbors to come talk to us.&uot;

The Montevallo Planning Commission had recommended that property in the Aldrich community north of Highway 10 be rezoned NC-2 and below Highway 10 to be rezoned NC-4.

But the Birmingham Regional Planning Commission recommended a mixed rezoning for part of the community to NC-2 and part to NC-4.

By definition, an NC-2 zoning &uot;provides for the greatest variety of residential use and greater density. The intent of this district is to preserve the character of older, mixed residential use neighborhoods and promote complimentary infill development.&uot;

An NC-4 zoning &uot;allows for medium density residential uses. It is the only Neighborhood Conservation District which permits manufactured homes. The intent of the district is to preserve the character of mixed use residential neighborhoods, which have a large percentage of manufactured homes and promote complimentary infill development.&uot;

The council made it clear that existing structures and uses are &uot;grandfathered&uot; (allowed to stay as they are) when a rezoning takes place and can be replaced.

After a majority of those present for a public hearing indicated they were in favor of the NC-2 zoning, Councilmember Bob Lightfoot made a motion to amend the zoning ordinance for the Aldrich community to NC-2.

That motion received a second by Councilmember Paul Brown, and the matter will come before the council for a vote at its Jan. 27 regular meeting at City Hall.

The council also held a public hearing on a proposal to amend the zoning ordinance for property owned by J.W. Palmer on Highway 25 across from the Industrial Park from A-O to a special district for a mobile home park.

However, after many questions were raised by council members and residents in attendance at the meeting, no motion was offered in the regular council session that followed.

Mayor Parker told developer Earl Gibson and Jack White, who represented the property owner, that the council would take everything into consideration and be back in touch with them upon making a decision.

According to information provided by Parker and the developer, the proposed special district mobile home park would cover 11.5 acres, include about 81 manufactured homes (not trailers)

with 28-feet-wide streets, curbs and gutters, and the homes would be sold on leased lots, subject to change depending upon the market.

According to Montevallo City Clerk Steve Gibbs, the mobile home park special district would have lots about half the size of those in a normal subdivision. If the lots were sold, the special district mobile home park would be a subdivision.

Garris questioned if the creation of

special district as opposed to a regular mobile home park would set two separate standards.

She also questioned whether the proposed mobile home park would be the best use of the land.

The amendment to the zoning ordinance amendment for the special district mobile home park was recommended by the city’s planning commission.

In other action, the council:

Approved an off premises beer and table wine license for the Lucky Shopper with Councilmember Brown casting the only no vote.

Approved the appointment of Jeff Archer to Park and Recreation Board 2.

Received the nomination of Michael Harmon to the Board of Adjustments.

Approved the appointment of Catherine Legg and David Gothard to the Industrial Board.

Approved the payment of bills.

Approved the minutes of the Dec. 9 meeting