Senator goes ‘hog wild’

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 25, 2003

When it comes to &uot;bringing home the bacon,&uot; Sen. Roger Bedford has gone &uot;hog wild.&uot;

Bedford, a democrat from Russellville didn’t just take home the bacon; he took home the whole hog.

If you’ve watched television or read any newspaper in this state over the course of the last three weeks, it’s no secret that democrat Sen. Bedford, funneled $8.3 million through state agencies for his district during the last three and a half years.

The &uot;special ‘pork’ projects&uot; he funded were not child abuse shelters, or food for the homeless, prescription drugs for senior citizens, or medical research, it was for improvements to the local high school football stadium, a new swimming pool and new tennis courts to name a few.

Never mind that his county’s education system had just cut teaching positions due to a supposed lack of funds.

And if statistics hold true, and I feel confident they do, his district more than likely has senior citizens who give up food to purchase medications (and go without medicine in many cases), poor highways and bridges, an insufficiently funded public school system, children who go to sleep hungry at night, drug and alcohol problems in the schools, family violence, child abuse and neglect problems to boot.

But then again, who knows &045; maybe he’s funded all those things too with the &uot;pork&uot; money he has received.

If so, I commend him for that, but improving a high school football stadium to the tune of $1.5 million dollars when teaching positions are being cut and people are going hungry?

That’s ludicrous!

There are 35 senators that represent our state.

How is it that one can get enough money to equal the salaries of more than 300 prison guards, 300 social workers, 300 state troopers, and no telling how many additional school teachers?

When it comes to bringing home the bacon, Sen. Bedford took home not just the whole hog, but enough &uot;pork&uot; to start his own barbeque restaurant.

Tin Roof Barbecue, Golden Rule, Jim & Nick’s and Johnny Ray’s &045; look out, there’s competition brewing.

Sen. Roger Bedford has enough &uot;pork&uot; to start a barbeque restaurant of his own.

And with the money he has received from the taxpayers of this state, he should be feeding us all