Columbiana Youth Basketball Tournament

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Top-seeded Cobras beat 4th seeded Raptors 29-21. Tyler Madison scored 18 points followed by Jesse Hughes with 5 and Brannon Jones and Tucker Youngblood with 2 each for the Cobras.

Will Walker led the Raptors with 8 points followed by Tyler Pate and Parker Owen with 5 each and Hunter Morris with 3.

In a tight game, 3rd-seeded Coyotes ousted 2nd-seeded Gym Rats 24-23.

Dakota Falkner led the Coyotes with 12 points followed by Alex Kourmoulis with 7 and Dra Dozier with 5 points.

Chase McKoy hustled on defense.

Blake Odgers was the high scorer for the Gym Rats with 9 points followed by Samuel Hutchinson with 7 and Jacob Tidmore with 4 points.

Jamie Alley played tough defense.

In Final Tournament play, top-seeded Cobras defeated 3rd seeded Coyotes 24-22 to become division champions.

Tyler Madison led the Cobras with 19 points followed by Jesse Hughes with 3 and Evan Nash and Jonathan Seale with 1 apiece.

Alex Koumoulis and Dakota Faulkner scored 7 and 5 points respectively for the Coyotes followed by Chris Flower with 4 and Dra Dozier with 3.


Top-seeded Wood’s Lakers beat 4th seeded Polar Bears 34-15.

Keaton Wood led the Lakers with 16 points followed by Ryan Etress and John Batton with 6 each and Michael Stannard with 5.

Chase Payne led the Polar Bears with 8 points.

Gregory Young and Colton Richardson each scored 3 points followed by Jay Lansford with 1.

Second-seeded Green’s Lakers defeated 3rd-seeded Blazers 34 to 32.

Ty Lollar scored 21 points followed by Tom Woods and Eric Wilcox with 5 and 3 points respectively.

Hunter Ray hustled on defense.

Joshua Gibson, Nathan Herrington and Cole Joiner scored 7 points apiece for the Blazers followed by Jeffrey Hughes with 5.

In Final Tournament play, top-seeded Wood’s Lakers outscored 2nd place Green’s Lakers 35-32 to become division champions.

Ryan Etress and Michael Stannard led Wood’s Lakers with 14 and 12 points respectively followed by Keaton Wood with 5.

Mike Pate hustled on defense.

Ty Lollar scored 14 points for Green’s Lakers followed by Deon Green and Tom Woods with 5 each.

Eric Wilcox contributed 4 points.


Third-seeded Mavricks defeated 6th seeded Wildcats 31-25.

Nick Sheffield scored 15 points for the Mavricks followed by Tyler Harris and Chad King with 6 each.

Brantley Willis hustled on defense.

Lead scorers for the Wildcats were Christopher Reece, Brent Ross and Joshua Dunnaway with 7, 6 and 4 points respectively.

Aaron Shirley played tough defense.

Top-seeded Big Daddy’s beat 4th seeded 76ers 28-22.

Tae Lewis and Darion Sutton led Big Daddy’s with 13 and 11 points respectively followed by Bay Len Scott and Jamal Brown with 2 each.

Brooklyn Phillips led the 76ers with 10 points followed by Jon Walden with 6, Jason McDaniel with 4 and Phillip Dudley with 2.

Third-seeded Mavricks defeated 2nd seeded Sixers 40-37.

Nick Sheffield and Chad King led the Mavricks with 14 and 12 points respectively followed by Tyler Harris with 8 and Brantley Willis with 6.

Jordan Simon scored 12 and Marquez Buie scored 8 for the Sixers followed by Jacob Lumpkin with 7, and Stephen Bulger with 6.

In Final Tournament play, top-seeded Big Daddy’s defeated 3rd-seeded Mavricks 40 -18 to become division champions.

Derrick Davis led Big Daddy’s with 14 points followed by Tae Lewis and Darion Sutton with 10 apiece.

Bay Len Scott contributed 6 points.

Nick Sheffield scored 12 points for Mavricks followed by Brantley Willis, Chad King and Tyler Harris with 2 apiece.


Top-seeded Mavericks outscored 4th seeded Spurs 30-24.

Brennan Smith led the Mavericks with 13 points followed by Kullen Williams and Daniel Bulger with 8 and 6 points respectively.

Robbie Smith played aggressive defense.

Justin Crum scored 15 points, Kirk Johnson scored 4 and Jared Perkins made 3 points for the Spurs.

David Karr hustled on defense.

Second-seeded Blue Devils beat 3rd seeded Bucks 43 to 38.

Graham Davis and Brent Douglas led the Blue Devils with 21 and 16 points respectively followed by Jesse Wallace, Zachary Finklea and Taylor Archley with 2 apiece.

Nick Oliver and Cody Byars scored 18 and 12 points respectively for the Bucks followed by James Stannard and Desmond Mayfield with 3 each.

In Final Tournament Play, 2nd-seeded Blue Devils defeated 1st seeded Mavericks 36-27 to become division champions.

Graham Davis led the Blue Devils with 20 points followed by Zach Ray with 6, Brent Douglas with 5 and Jesse Wallace with 3.

Daniel Bulger and Aaron bush scored 12 and 7 points respectively for the Mavericks followed by Kyle Galutza with 4 and Brennan Smith and Kullen Williams with 2 apiece.


Fourth-seeded Huskies beat 1st seeded Sparks 23-21.

LaTonya Woods and Ashley Mizzell led the Huskies with 9 and 6 points respectively.

Brandi Lucas and Breanna White hustled on defense.

Ashley Crum led the Sparks with 6 points followed by Ashley Trammell and Cicily Walton with 5 apiece and Alisha Wilcoxen with 4.

Third-seeded Wildcats defeated 2nd-seeded Court Devils 21-19.


Buie led the Wildcats with 6 points followed by Courtney Shields and Kira Chandhry with 4 apiece and Andrea Goodwin and Chelsea O’Shields with 3 each.

Whitney Green scored 6 points for the Court Devils followed by Kayla Dodson and Mallory Seale with 2 and 1 point respectively.

Sarah Walker hustled on defense.

In Final Tournament play, 4th-seeded Huskies beat 3rd-seeded Wildcats 32-21 to become division champions.

Alysia Perkins and LaTonya Woods led the Huskies with 9 and 8 points respectively followed by Lacey Walton with 7 and Jodi King with 5.

Cycola Buie scored 14 points for the Wildcats followed by Chelsea O’Shields, Andrea Goodwin and Kelsie Knight with 2 apiece.


Scores from Thompson High’s March 4 men’s tennis match against Hillcrest High of Tuscaloosa.

This match brings Thompson to 1-1 on the season. The Warriors lost to Pelham on Feb. 2.

Thompson 5, Hillcrest 4


Ben Coleman (H) d. Kevin Fleming (T)

Doug Sledge (T) d. Lance Williams (H)

Thomas White (H) d. Dan Corson (T)

Kurt Jones (T) d. David Jamison (H)

Steven Kilpatrick (T) d. David White (H)

Grant Sagan (H) d. Brad Davis (T)


Fleming & Jones (T) d. Coleman & Williams (H)

Sledge & Drew Johnson (T) d. Mike Brown & D. White (H)

T. White & Jamison (H) d. Corson & Kilpatrick (T)

Exhibition Singles:

Dan Sledge (T) d. Kirk Butler (H)

Russ Rainey (T) d. Sterling Algiere (H)


The U-14 Chelsea Sting defeated the West Alabama Rangers 2-0 at the University of Alabama 1 field in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, March 15.

Jonathan Antonetti scored both goals with assists by Cole Sharp and Emmanuel Martinez. Goalie Franklin Flanagan was credited with 4 saves and Goalie Emmanual Martinez was credited with 2 saves. Justin Thomas had 1 defensive assist