Progress is county showcase

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 25, 2003

The Shelby County Reporter Progress edition is included in this week’s newspaper.

It’s the culmination of months of long hours, hard work and creativity that comes from deep within.

I must say although we are very glad it’s over, we did, as always, enjoy the process of getting to know Shelby County just little bit better.

At least I did. I think everyone else shared that feeling as well.

In putting the section together, we learned so much more

about our county.

Progress, as a rule, is always a showcase of the positive aspects of the community.

And let me tell you, when dealing with Shelby County, the positive aspects could go on and on.

In this year’s edition, aptly titled &uot;Showcase Shelby County,&uot; there is information about our ever-expanding school system, the University of Montevallo, Jeff State’s Scrushy Campus on Valleydale Road and the county’s newest

educational opportunity &045; Virginia Tech in Pelham.

Then we focused on the BMX track at Oak Mountain State Park, the growth of soccer in the county and our love of horseback riding.

There is a story about a store in Calera where little girls go through a real-life adoption process in order to receive their &uot;doll-baby.&uot;

Also illuminated is growth at Shelby Baptist Medical Center, the longevity of Davis Drugs in Columbiana, the lime industry and a focus on another industry that is very important to Shelby County &045; real estate.

We talked with the Realty Diva, MariRose Thornburg, and commercial realtor Debbie Seale, to whom this is a second career.

Seale had a 25-year career in education as a teacher.

Then we learned about our county’s Junior ROTC programs. In the Shelby County school system, the branches of the military are well represented with Air Force, Navy and Army ROTC units.

There are glimpses into the Sylestine family, descendants of the original Native Americans in this part of Alabama; into the mentoring program at Columbiana Middle School; and into the world of Shelby County’s Judge team; and into Calera’s shining star, the Limestone Spa & Boutique.

Finally, we looked into the art world in our county with a profile of Rae Lynn Dodson of Columbiana, wife, mother and recent college graduate with an art degree; the Shelby County Art Association, which seeks to enlighten others on the beautiful works of those living in Shelby County; and a page devoted to Babies born during 2002.

All in all, it was a successful look at Shelby County from a variety of angles. We’re proud of it and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed preparing it