The least that we can do

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 1, 2003

While thousands of troops fight to defend our freedom in foreign lands, it is important to remember that each one is a person who is not only vital to a country, but vital to a family, a community and perhaps even a city.

They are brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters.

They come from towns and communities, many from our own.

There has been much public support of our troops overseas, as

the war on Iraq has seen families left incomplete and even cities deprived of their leaders.

Vocal support is greatly beneficial for the morale of our soldiers &045;however, we can best support them by supporting those they have left behind.

We have an opportunity to supplement our thoughts and prayers by supporting the needs of families who are temporarily void of loved ones, to lend a helping hand to our communities and cities that must function without some familiar faces.

So, it’s time to step up. If you are not one who is sacrificing by giving up the time and efforts of a loved one, you can still do your part.

Step forward and take on the challenge of meeting the needs of your neighbors, your schools, your communities.

It’s the least we can do and the very least that we owe those who have given so much