Cyclists participate in road race at UM

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Professional and amateur bicycle racers, both male and female, from seven southern states participated in the Big Southeastern Shelby County Stage Race 2003 held at the University of Montevallo this past weekend.

The race was a joint effort by G.C. Cycling of Birmingham, the Shelby County Commission, the University of Montevallo, the city of Montevallo and the Montevallo Chamber of Commerce.

About 250 riders competed for $15,000 in total purse prizes in eight categories with first place money ranging from $70 to $500.

Categories included Pro 1 & 2, Cat 3, W Pro 1, 2, 3, Masters, Cat 4, Women 4, Cat 5, Cat 5 35+.

Prior to changes brought about by threatening weather, road races were slated to be from 70 miles in length to 30 miles for the various categories. Each lap was 15 miles. The amount of the purse decreased in each category for lower finishes.

With the threat of bad weather, the longest race length decreased to some 65 miles.

Race directors included Tom Crocker and Russell Brown. And the board of directors for G.C. Cycling includes Paul Theriot, president; Derreck Richesin, vice-president; Edward Cusick, secretary; Jeff Haines, treasurer; Brent Marshall volunteer coordinator; and Tracey Theriot public relations.

This was the second year the race has been hosted by Montevallo with the route of the race including the UM campus, county highways 10, 22 and 15 and King Road.

Winners in the Pro one and two category, their team and total time were as follows:

First, Marc Kekkebus, Trek/VW/Free-Flite, 3:23:08; second, Dale Suttle, Backyard Burgers, 3:23:15; third, John Murphy, Krystals, 3:23:19; fourth, Robert Nordmeyer, Back Yard Burgers, 3:23:37; fifth, Tony Scott, Genesis Scuba, 3:24:21; sixth, Daniel Larson, Cycle Science, 3:24:22; seventh, Scott Patterson, Genesis Scuba, 3:24:23; eighth, Kent Bostick, Colavita/Bolla, 3:24:26; ninth, Michael Wolf Trek/VW/Free-Flite;3:24:30;

and 10th, Josh Seldman, Krystals, 3:24:32