Columbiana municipal court fees could increase

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 10, 2003

If a proposed ordinance, introduced by the Columbiana City Council at its June 3 meeting passes on Tuesday, June 17, the cost of going to court in the city will go up.

Also, a request to place a Crazy Bill’s temporary fireworks trailer in the city failed to win approval from the council when the matter died due to lack of a motion.

A proposed ordinance introduced by Councilmember Ouida Mayfield will raise municipal court costs from $103 to $114 for traffic cases; from $600 to $900 for first offense driving under the influence, from $1,000 to $1,500 for DUI second offense and from $2,000 to $2,500 for a third DUI offense; from $153 to $164 for driving without a license; from $60 to $75 for driving without a license; from $123 to $147 for non-traffic cases; from $50 to $100 for issuing a worthless check; from $50 to $100 for littering; from $400 to $500 for possession of marijuana; from $200 to $400 for possession of drug paraphernalia; from $200 to $400 for resisting arrest; and from $75 to $100 for trespassing.

In the matter of the Crazy Bill’s Fireworks, Mayor Tom Seale explained that it is not the sale of fireworks that is the problem but the use of a temporary trailer which must be approved by the council under city zoning regulations.

He told Pam Palmer, a company official for Crazy Bill’s,

failure of the council to approve a temporary fireworks stand request &uot;does not stop you from opening in a stand-alone storefront.&uot;

The request from Crazy Bill’s was for a location next to Taco Bell, where the stand-alone trailer the company has formerly used currently stands.

Palmer said after the meeting, &uot;I think since they sold a business license they should allow us to continue at least for this season. We had no notice … none.&uot;

When Palmer asked what the inaction by the council meant, Seale said, it meant a fireworks stand trailer would have to be moved out.

Palmer said temporary fireworks stands are usually operated for 38 days and are pulled out unless weather holds up departure.

She said the deadline for inspection of such stands by the state fire marshal was June 5. And she said that Crazy Bill’s employs local people to run the stands.

Preston Rayfield of Columbiana also said that in the past, locals operated the stand.

Another request for a temporary fireworks stand on the vacant Stiver lot next to the Columbiana Post Office failed to receive approval from the council due to lack of a motion at the previous council meeting on May 20.

Seale said Crazy Bill’s is expected to appeal the no decision by the council at its next regular meeting.

In other matters, the council:

Approved a request to pay for COPS training on a credit card which will be reimbursed by the COPS program for police officers Gary Griffith and David Morrow.

Approved a payment of $35,336.99 to Hester Construction for work on the Police Department of renovation.

Approved an increase in pay to $12.50 per hour for Kay Jamison upon the end of her six month probation effective June 28.

Approved the purchase of furniture for the Police Department in the amount of $10,500 from Central Office Supply.

Approved application for state funding for additional outdoor weather sirens through the Shelby County EMA. The city has already purchased four sirens to be installed in the city.

Approved transfers from the General Fund to Ball Park Construction for Park & Recreation in the amount of $1,050.26 and to the Library Account in the amount of $3,062.47.

Approved a contribution of $500 to the Harrison Museum if funds are available.

City Clerk Terry Collum said she expects Liberty Day vendors to exceed last year’s numbers and that all food vendor slots have been filled. Liberty Day will be held June 28