More information is needed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 8, 2003

In just two months, Alabama voters will go to the polls to make a decision about our state’s future.

And Gov. Bob Riley has asked these voters to deliver a &uot;yes&uot; vote on a package that he has proclaimed as the only productive future for our state.

Unfortunately, these proclamations and public relations-type slogans are the only information coming out of the governor’s office about the package we’ll be voting on.

The tax package has been touted as the most aggressive attempt to change Alabama in our state’s history, yet gaining insight into the plan is like pulling teeth, so to speak.

If the governor and his supporters want this tax and accountability package to pass in September, it’s time they get out and begin to convince Alabamians that it’s the best idea for our state.

They have said they have the statistics to back it up.

We, at this newspaper, as Alabama citizens, join others in wanting to see those statistics.

Pollsters have predicted that if a vote were taken today, the package would fail by a two to one margin.

We believe the governor and his supporters could avoid this by making information explaining the package more readily available to citizens