Montevallo delays action on redistricting plan

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The Montevallo City Council delayed action to accept a redistricting plan for the city but

took steps to add nearly 90 acres to the city limits at Monday night’s regular city council meeting.

Councilmember Willie Goldsmith asked for time to study the new boundary lines for

his district.

As a result, the council will accept the proposed redistricting plan in two weeks, advertise it

for 15 days and then schedule a public hearing.

The council voted unanimously, however, to annex 87.44 acres of land at the intersection of Alex Mill Road and Highway 119 owned by Steve Lee of Pelham.

According to Montevallo Administrative Assistant Catherine Legg, a request has been received to zone the property D-1 which is a mixed residential use.

City Clerk Steve Gibbs said the annexation will take place after the ordinance approved by the council Monday night to annex the property is posted for five days.

It was pointed out that the property does not include a three-acre triangle that borders Alex Mill Road and Old Highway 119 or homes.

Gibbs reported that the low bid for the city’s senior center came in $273,585 from Wayne Davis Construction.

But he said the budget for this phase of the project is $225,000.

While the

city received a $250,000 grant and pledged a $25,000 match, there are other expenses not included in the bid according to city officials such as dirt moving and sewer work which would place the total cost over $300,000.

Gibbs said the city will try to negotiate a reduction in the construction cost.

And it was reported that the Montevallo Police Department will make two donations to the Montevallo Library Fund in memory of Anne Kohen Parker, the late wife of Mayor Grady Parker, and Jessie Goldsmith, the late wife of Councilmember Willie Goldsmith