School board hears construction update

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Columbiana Middle School will have a consistently &uot;new look&uot; throughout with new paint, floor tile, room signs and lockers.

That was the report from

Tom Ferguson, assistant superintendent of operations, to the Shelby County Board of Education last week.

According to Ferguson, the contractor, Cheaha Construction, continues to work off a punch list.

Exterior inspection was scheduled for July 28 with in-house renovations 80 percent complete and floor tile about 50 percent complete.

Ferguson said the school now has a main entrance and landscaping will continue.

He said awning material will be replaced.

He called the work at Columbiana Middle School for which the architect was Adams Design a &uot;very nice enhancement to our school system.&uot;

At Calera Elementary, Ferguson reported, mechanical duct work installation is ongoing, the roof system is complete, interior finishes have begun with block fill applied, new canopy work is ongoing and the contractor is shooting for an Aug. 15 completion date.

Ferguson said he expected the project to be complete prior to the actual deadline and said

water damage at the school will be repaired by the contractor.

At Calera High School, Ferguson reported plumbing rough-ins are complete, and the slab is in place for the locker rooms and band room additions.

He pointed out that masonry wall work began July 21; a three classroom conversion is progressing with duct work installation under way; and electrical wiring in place.

He said the contractor continues to work toward an Aug. 12 completion on the three classrooms, but the goal is not realistic. Instead, Ferguson anticipated completion by Sept. 1.

At Oak Mountain High, Ferguson reports interior finishes are under way in the classroom addition.

Case work installation is 50 percent complete. Exterior brick and split face block work is 90 percent complete. And tile work is under way in restrooms.

Ferguson noted that cafeteria expansion continues to progress about four weeks behind the classroom addition.

He said the contractor anticipates completion of the classrooms by Sept. 4.

At Shelby County High, the roof was installed on the classroom addition; interior finishes will follow the roof installation; exterior brick is 70 percent complete; interior finishes continue on auditorium renovations; and

all drywall is in place with 80 percent of wainscot installed.

He said the job is progressing ahead of schedule with anticipated completion of the classroom set for Sept. 15.

According to Ferguson, the concrete block at Thompson High School is 50 percent complete and electrical rough-ins are ongoing. The masonry contractor has added an additional crew, but the job remains behind schedule.

Ferguson said it is anticipated that four classroom trailers will be left at Thompson as there continues to be progressive growth of the school.

At Mt. Laurel Elementary, site work is under way with clearing and grubbing process complete and grading some 30 percent complete.

Ferguson suggested that to remain updated on the school construction progress, those interested should check the school system website.

In other matters, the school board rejected bids for the ticket booth and toilet facilities at the athletic field for Shelby County High School.

However bids were approved for miscellaneous technology (renewal), cleaning services for the Linda Nolen Learning Center, miscellaneous technologies and distance learning.

Also approved were various personnel actions