Discovering the local impact

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 5, 2003

For the next month, the Shelby County Reporter will be examining Gov. Bob Riley’s tax and accountability package to determine its local effect on our county.

The first installment in this series, printed in this edition, is an overall view of the plan.

Next week, we will investigate the education reforms that are a part of the plan.

We will attempt to determine how each of the individual reforms will affect Shelby County in particular and what we can expect should the package pass a vote of the people on Sept. 9.

That portion will be followed by an examination of the accountability measures that are an integral part of the package and then an evaluation of the package’s tax reforms, including how each of the tax changes will affect Shelby County residents.

It is our hope that you will join with us in our journey of discovery as we delve deep into this package.

It is imperative that each Alabamian make an informed and educated decision on Sept. 9.

Our future will depend on it