Lowe returns to mayoral post

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 12, 2003

After six months of active military duty as a participant in Operation Enduring Freedom, the toppling of the regime of Sadaam Hussein in Iraq, Allan Lowe has returned home to reclaim his political post as mayor of Columbiana.

However, the living civics lesson accompanying Lowe’s use of state law which allowed him to give up his mayoral post and return when his active tour ended, continued at the Columbiana City Council last week.

During the council’s Aug. 5 meeting, Tom Seale resigned his post as acting mayor in place of Lowe. He had previously given up his seat on the council to serve in that capacity.

On a roll call vote, Seale’s resignation was unanimously accepted.

Next, on a unanimous roll call vote, the council approved the appointment of Lowe as mayor of Columbiana, citing Alabama code.

Following that vote, former acting mayor Seale administered

the oath of office to Lowe while Lowe’s wife, Scarlott, held the Bible.

Scarlott Lowe next resigned her post as District 4 Councilmember.

That was the same council seat originally held by Seale. The council voted unanimously to accept Scarlott Lowe’s resignation, and Mayor Lowe then declared the District 4 council seat vacant and to be filled at the regularly scheduled Aug. 19 meeting.

It is expected that Seale will be reappointed to his old post.

When Lowe returned for military duty, he said, &uot;the city was in good hands.&uot;

Seale said he enjoyed his time in the position of mayor.

&uot;I’ve enjoyed my seven months as mayor. We all (the council) worked really well together. I take joy from the projects we started. We don’t do it for the money,&uot; Seale said.

Scarlott Lowe enjoyed her time of service as well.

&uot;I’ve enjoyed it. But I think Allan is much better at politics than I am.&uot;

And she said of her council post formerly held by Seale, &uot;I’m giving it back.&uot;

It was announced that the downtown renovation project it expected to start on Aug. 15 and that a council work session will be held Aug. 21 at 6 p.m.

Police Chief Michael Lann recognized Sheriff’s Department reserve

officer Bill Stivers for 13 years of service directing traffic for Liberty Day. Stivers was presented the Police Department’s &uot;Brother’s Keeper Award.&uot;

In other matters the council:

Approved the appointment of Cecelia

Ebert to the Board of Adjustments and Appeals to a term to expire Oct. 1, 2002.

Approved the solicitation of bids for a new fire truck by the Columbiana Fire Department.

Approved the payment of $10,070 for 170 yards of concrete at the Sports Complex from bond money.

Approved a resolution to allow the mayor to execute a contract between Local Government Services LLC and the city for the purpose of negotiating a cable television contract.

Approved the payment of $1,658 to Local Government Services LLC for 50 percent of contracted services for a cable television franchise renewal agreement.

Approved the Crape Myrtle as the official tree of Columbiana.

Approved an increase in funding for the informational sign by $500.

Approved an annual

maintenance agreement with Mainline Heating and Air Conditioning in the amount of $2,199.

Authorized an advertisement for the position of Library Director. Current director Rodney Wooten will be moving out of state, and his last day with the city will be Sept. 5.

Approved an extension of the probationary employment period of police officers Keith Lowery and Jonathon Oliver on the recommendation of Chief Lann.

Approved advertisements

in the news media regarding the Main Street Renovation Project.

Approved payment of $9,655.13 to Gresham Smith and Partners for work completed toward the downtown renovation project.

Approved the final payment of $17,311 to Hester Construction for the Police Department renovation project.

Approved the transfer from the General Fund to the Library Operating Account in the amount of $1,600 and from the General to Ball Park Construction in the amount of $9,527 ($7,830 for park and recreation expenses and $1,697 for ballpark construction).

Approved travel expense for firefighter training for Louis Payne