Support needed for success

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 26, 2003

During a time when school education is in such a crisis, there are many ways we as citizens and supporters of public education can help.

Talks of eliminating athletics and other extracurricular activities if the funding crisis is not solved have emerged. That’s the last thing we want to see.

We believe sports and other activities outside the classrooms at our schools are important.

One of the ways to help is to show up at the several football games in the county Thursday and Friday nights and support your teams.

When you attend a football game in Shelby County, you’re not only supporting your team &045; you’re supporting education. There aren’t many things more important than your child’s education.

Every dollar which comes through the gate and through the concession stands goes to help the athletic programs at Shelby County schools.

Those dollars also go to help such extracurricular sctivities as band and cheerleading.

Parents, students and fans love their football teams in Shelby County.

Now, more than ever, your team needs you &045; and there are plenty of good football teams in Shelby County to support on Friday nights.

If the crowds do not show up to support local high school football, educatonal leaders ma believe that is a logical cut to save other prorams.

Athletics is not only a good way to build character, but starts youths on the right path in life and keeps them off the streets.

So go Wildcats, Eagles, Raiders and Rebels. Fight on Jaguars, Panthers, Chargers and Warriors. Win Lions, Bulldogs, and Yellow Jackets