Debate will find solutions

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 9, 2003

If all accounts of the day come to pass (after presstime), voter turnout was at a record high, both here in Shelby County as well as in the rest of Alabama.

Isn’t that a great statement to be able to make?

Finally, we, as Alabamians, are taking control of our own government.

Whatever your personal feelings have been about Gov. Bob Riley’s tax and accountability package, you must admit that the measure has stirred intense debate that is wholly democratic in nature.

This is what our government is all about.

When our founding fathers set out to create a &uot;more perfect union,&uot; this is what they had in mind.

We only hope this trend continues.

Our state will move forward if we can continue to have healthy debate.

In that debate, we will find solutions for Alabama’s problems &045; not just any solutions, the right solutions.