Ready to play Lions, THS clash in 5A showdown

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Editor’s note: This is the third in a series in which the Reporter will follow a Shelby County football team as it prepares for an upcoming game. A different team will be featured each week.

Week No. 3 is circled on both the Thompson and Briarwood calendar as a big region game for both teams.

&uot;This is an important game,&uot; Briarwood head coach Fred Yancey said. &uot;The winner of this game gets one step closer to the playoffs, even though it’s early in the season. It’s a big regional matchup. We know Thompson has a great team with some great athletes &045; some who will likely go on to the college level to play. And they are well-coached, so we will have to be ready.&uot;

Thompson head coach Ricky Seale also knows how big of a game Friday night will be.

&uot;Briarwood is always a tough team which is very well-coached,&uot; Seale said. &uot;They tend to not make a lot of mistakes and we are going to have to do the same if we want to win.&uot;

At Thompson, the Warriors had an extra day to prepare for the Lions after a 22-0 Thursday night win over Jackson-Olin.

&uot;I thought we played pretty well &045; certainly better than last week,&uot; Seale said.

Briarwood stuck to the Friday night theme, defeating Jess Lanier 35-14 in a regional matchup at Jess Lanier.

Friday night, the Warriors travel a few miles down the road to Briarwood for the key regional game which starts at 7 p.m.

This is how they prepared for the trip:

Monday, 2:40 p.m.: Full pads, specialty.

Monday, 2:50: Individual offense/defense.

Monday, 3: Offense &045; live pass against scout defense; defense &045; Briarwood play recognition.

Monday, 3:10: Punt and kickoff return.

Monday, 3:30: Swap individual, both sides of ball (at Thompson 5 or 6 players play both sides of the ball. This time is used for those players to get in practice time on offense and defense).

Monday, 3:40 p.m.: Offensive inside against a scout &uot;Briarwood&uot; defense; defensive perimeter against &uot;Briarwood&uot; pass routes.

Monday, 3:50: Water break.

Monday, 3:55: Defensive inside/offensive perimeter.

Monday, 4:05: B-team inside for game against Chelsea; team defense runs 16 plays.

Monday, 4:25: Water break.

Monday, 4:30: Team offense against second team defense, 20 plays.

Monday, 4:50: Conditioning.

Monday, 5: Practice ends.

Tuesday, 2:40 p.m.: Full pads, specialty.

Tuesday, 2:50: Individual offense/defense.

Tuesday, 3:05: First team offense vs. first team defense, 6 plays. Second team offense vs. second team defense, 6 plays.

Tuesday, 3:20: Punt return and kickoff.

Tuesday, 3:40: Swap individual, both sides of ball.

Tuesday, 3:50: Offensive inside/defensive perimeter.

Tuesday, 4:05: Water break.

Tuesday, 4:10: Defensive inside/offensive perimeter.

Tuesday, 4:25: Team. Defense 6 plays against scout offense; offense 8 plays against scout defense; punt team; defense 6 plays against scout offense; offense 8 plays against scout defense; kickoff; Defense 6 plays against scout offense; kickoff return; offense 8 plays against scout defense; PAT and field goal

Tuesday, 5:25: Practice ends.

Wednesday, 2:40 p.m.: Half shell, specialty.

Wednesday, 2:50: Individual offense/defense.

Wednesday, 3:05: Kicking &045; all.

Wednesday, 3:40: Team offense inside/defensive perimeter.

Wednesday, 3:50: Water break.

Wednesday, 3:55: Team defense against offensive perimeter.

Wednesday, 4:05: Team. Defense, 8 plays; offense 10 plays; defense 8 plays; offense 10 plays; defense 8 plays; offense 10 plays.

Wednesday, 5: PAT/field goal.

Thursday, 2:40 p.m.: Pregame script (hit everything that could or will happen during Friday night’s game). Seale said he wants his team to know exactly where to go when warming up, who is on the offense, punt team, defense, etc.

&uot;We stand on the sideline just like on a Friday night and we call plays onto the field and make sure everyone knows where to go and what to do,&uot; Seale said. &uot;The only difference is that we are in shots and helmet and it’s not live.&uot;

The offense runs 5 plays, then punts. The defense runs 3 plays against the scout team offense and then punt return. Offense 5 plays and score on the fifth play, then PAT and kickoff. Defense 3 plays, then punt block. Offense 3 plays then fake punt. Offense 3 more plays then score and go for 2-point conversion. Defense 3 plays then PAT block. Offense then runs a tight punt from deep in their territory, then a kickoff or punt after a safety. Seale and the coaches then shuffle in defensive and offensive subs. The offense then runs its 2-minute drill, then onside kick with the hands team, then the offense runs plays to run out the clock.

&uot;We try to think of every scenario in a game and use Thursday to prepare for theat,&uot; Seale said.

Friday, 3:15 p.m.: Pre-game meal. A preacher from an area church then talks to the team before leaving for Briarwood.

Friday, 4:30-5: Leave in order to arrive at 5:30.

Friday, 5:50: Pregame warmup.

Friday, 7: Kickoff