Good to see trust addressed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Politicians just can’t be trusted.

At least that’s the sentiment of many Alabamians who cited mistrust of the state legislature as a major factor in opposing Gov. Bob Riley’s $1.3 billion tax and accountability package earlier this month.

While the plan did make an attempt to increase accountability in some areas, including making pork projects a felony for state department heads, it just didn’t go far enough, many argued.

The plan was rejected decisively by voters, and a potential ban of pass through pork went down with the sinking ship.

But the fight for

accountability in state

government has resurfaced, thanks to the efforts of State Reps. Cam Ward and Mark Gaines.

The two are sponsoring a bill to ban pass-through pork by state legislators.

While Riley’s package punished only state department heads for their part in pork projects, the new bill sponsored by Ward and Gaines would hold legislators liable.

If passed, the bill would make pass-through pork a felony for our state lawmakers.

Ward and Gaines should be commended for their strives to make state government more accountable.

While officials ponder budget cuts to make up for a shortage of funding, it’s nice to see some lawmakers have addressed another area where state government faces a significant shortage &045; our trust