Alabaster gets high marks on survey

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The second Alabaster Comprehensive Plan Update 2003 meeting revealed the results of a community survey on various city services which were rated good to excellent and a desire for more commercial development.

The meeting was conducted by Joey Hester, a planner for the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham, and Jeff Sexton, chief landscape architect for Sherlock, Smith & Adams Inc.

According to the survey, to which 362 residents responded, city services were rated as follows:

Some 52 percent rated the city’s planning and zoning excellent to good; 93 percent rated the fire department excellent to good; 85 percent rated the police department excellent to good; 78 percent rated water services excellent to good; 68 percent rated sanitary sewer services excellent to good; 84 percent rated garbage pickup excellent to good.

Some 86 percent rated the newsletter excellent to good; 71 percent rated parks excellent to good; 66 percent rated schools excellent to good; 76 percent rated libraries excellent to good;

64 percent rated accessibility of elected officials excellent to good; 79 percent rated youth sports program excellent to good; 59 percent rated efforts to clean the city excellent to good; 52 percent rated the city’s image excellent to good; and 52 percent reported excellent to good dealings with city employees.

As to what the city should pursue:

Some 73 percent strongly agreed and 15 percent agreed

that the city should pursue new commercial development; 28 percent strongly agreed and 27 percent agreed that the city should pursue new industrial development; 29 percent strongly agreed and 30 percent agreed there should be more coordination between the city and county; 48 percent strongly agreed and 30 percent agreed that zoning should reflect the comprehensive plan and be strictly enforced; 90 percent strongly agreed regulations and other codes should be strictly enforced.

Some 41 percent strongly agreed and 35 percent agreed that the comprehensive plan should be updated; 32 percent strongly agreed and 31 percent agreed that the creation of a town center is important for the community; 32 percent strongly agreed and 28 percent agreed that the city should pursue new recreational facilities; 38 percent strong agreed and 29 percent agreed the more green space is needed in subdivisions; 30 percent strongly agreed and 28 percent agreed the city needs a new municipal complex; 20 percent strongly agreed and 44 percent agreed there is an adequate mix of housing opportunities.

Editor’s Note: Look at future editions of the Shelby County Reporter for studies into what Alabaster residents feel is most important, the city’s assets, liabilities and sacred cows