Ready to play Panthers stun Clay-Chalkville, prepare for catfight with Jags

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Editor’s note: This is the seventh in a series in which the Reporter will follow a Shelby County Football team as it prepares for an upcoming game. A different team will be featured each week.

Freshman kicker Jordan Means kicked three fourth quarter field goals to help Pelham edge Clay-Chalkville 16-14.

The Panthers (4-2) scored their only touchdown on the night during the first half on a 39-yard touchdown pass from Chase Armstrong to running back Drew Burleson.

Burleson finished with 63 yards on 15 carries while Armstrong had 38 yards on 17 rushing attempts.

In the air, Armstrong was 3 of 12 for 75 yards with a touchdown and one interception.

Linebacker Scooter Alford led Pelham defenders with 13 tackles.

The Panthers will travel to Spain Park Friday night to take on the Jaguars in region play.

Here is how they prepared for the game.

Saturday, 8 a.m.: Film swap. A coach takes the film to the office and records each game on four separate tapes so the team has film for everyone to watch.

Saturday, 9-12 p.m.: Head coach Sammy Queen watches film of upcoming opponent Spain Park.

Sunday, 1-7 p.m.: Staff meeting. Coaches prepare the game plan.

Monday, 2:20 p.m.: Team meeting. Coach hands out awards for Friday’s game against Clay-Chalkville.

Monday, 2:50: All out. Snappers, holders and kickers work on field goals.

Monday, 3:20: First period, individual groups.

Monday, 3:30: Scouting report on Spain Park.

Monday, 3:40: Inside runs, routes vs. air.

Monday, 3:55: Pass skeleton, pass pro, offensive line vs. defensive line.

Monday, 4:15: Team.

Monday, 4:45: Sprints.

Monday, 4:55: Offense watches films, defense lifts weights.

Monday, 5:45: Defense watches films, offense lifts weights.

Monday, 6:30: Dismiss, J.V. football game.

Tuesday, 2:20 p.m.: Team meeting.

Tuesday, 2:45: Swap.

Tuesday, 3:05: All out.

Tuesday, 3:15: Specialty, all kickers, holders, snappers and returners.

Tuesday, 3:35: Pre-practice, warm up.

Tuesday, 3:50: First period, individual groups.

Tuesday, 4:15: Special teams.

Tuesday, 4:35: Inside runs, wide receivers and defensive backs one-on-one.

Tuesday, 4:55: Pass skeleton, pass pro, offensive vs. defensive line.

Tuesday, 5:15: Team, 42 perfect plays in 25 minutes.

Tuesday, 5:40: End practice.

Wednesday, 2:20: Team meeting.

Wednesday, 2:30: All dress.

Wednesday, 2:50: All out.

Wednesday, 3:00: Pre-practice.

Wednesday, 3:10: Two-minute drill.

Wednesday, 3:25: Kicking game, all teams.

Wednesday, 4:00: Inside runs, goal line passes.

Wednesday, 4:15: Pass skeleton, pass pro, offensive line vs. defensive line.

Wednesday, 4:30: Team, 42 perfect plays in 25 minutes.

Wednesday, 4:55: All in.

Wednesday, 5:15: Offensive films, defensive lifts.

Wednesday, 5:45: Swap.

Wednesday, 6:15: End of practice.

Thursday, 2:20 p.m.: Team meeting.

Thursday, 2:25: All dress.

Thursday, 2:45: All out.

Thursday, 2:55: Pre-practice.

Thursday, 3:05: Team walk through.

Thursday, 3:50: End of practice.

Friday, 2:15 p.m.: Pre-game meal.

Friday, 3:00: FCA

Friday, 3:15: Special teams meeting.

Friday, 3:30: Offense/Defense meetings.

Friday, 3:45: Dress.

Friday, 4:50: Leave for Spain Park.

Friday, 5:20: Walk the field.

Friday, 5:50: First group out.

Friday, 7:00: Kickoff