County adopts voting redistricting plan

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 17, 2003

The Shelby County Commission

recently approved a resolution to adopt the commission’s district plan and boundary descriptions, but tabled a resolution on the 457 (b) Plan Provider for eligible Shelby County employees.

The commission took the actions at its regular Monday meeting.

According to the district plan, the regular scheduled primary and general county commission election in Shelby County will be held from nine single-member districts. Commissioners elected in 2004 must live in the districts from which they serve and will serve four-year terms as provided by law.

The plan reflects a total actual county population of 143,293 residents. Actual district populations are District 1, 15,988; District 2, 15,903; District 3, 15,280; District 4, 16,693; District 5, 16,092; District 6, 16,400; District 7,16,368; District 8,15,357 and District 9, 15,212.

Subsequent to adoption, the commission will submit the district plan for pre-clearance under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, 42 USA, Section 1973c in accord with the provision of law.

The 457 (b) provider plan tabled by the commission would be available through payroll deduction for eligible employees.

In another matter, the commission approved a resolution to name the city of Hoover as the direct recipient of a federal grant funding in the amount of $334,898 for establishing and equipping a Heavy Equipment Rescue Team and the city of Calera as the direct recipient of federal grant funding in the amount of $75,000 for establishing and equipping a Water Rescue Team.

The funding was acquired by the County Commission through Shelby County Environmental Services, Emergency Management Agency Division grant application to the Homeland Security Program.

In other matters, the commission:

Approved a resolution to record the tax assessor’s certificate showing the assessed value of property in the county, excluding motor vehicles and mobile homes for the tax year beginning Oct. 1 at a total of $96,792,207.94 with a late fee of $4,950.

Approved resolutions for the county attorney and the county engineer to acquire rights of way to construct the road to current standards for Deer Run Drive and County Road 491. In each case, the county engineer is instructed to negotiate for any outstanding parcels of right-of-way and in the event negotiation fails, the county engineer and county attorney are authorized to proceed with condemnation.

Approved a resolution to reappoint Butch Burbage to the Shelby County Community Health Foundation. This will be a three-year term, Oct. 1, 2003 through Sept. 2006.

Approved a resolution that the county commission through the Shelby County Department of Environmental Services EMA Division will serve a leadership role in insuring that the State Homeland Security Assessment Strategy is completed and submitted regarding assessment within the county.

Approved resolutions to award bids for certain computer equipment, janitorial services and an Alum Sludge Lagoons at the Talladega/Shelby County Water Treatment Plant .

Approved resolutions to approve for alcohol beverage licenses for Eagle Point Golf Club, Bart’s Country Store, Hannie B’s, Judy’s Outlet and Okomo Restaurant.

Approved payment of bills.

Approved a resolution of recognition for the late County Commissioner George Dailey. According to the resolution, the &uot;Shelby County Commission mourns and acknowledges the death of George Dailey with great sorrow, and he is recognized, commended and thanked for his long and distinguished record of unselfish public service.&uot;