Growing fund is feather in cap

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Shelby County Health Foundation fund growth since sale of hospital in 1997 is huge, even in slow economic times.

The Foundation’s base, the original amount for which the hospital was sold, was $45 million, and that $45 million still remains intact.

Today, the fund is $54.95 million, and the county and members of the Health Foundation board have remained committed to growing the fund and keeping the base.

According to county finance manager Butch Burbage, about $12 million has been distributed to various groups in Shelby County.

Shelby County citizens who benefit from these funds include students at our schools, members of volunteer fire departments and those seeking help from institutions such as Shelby Emergency Assistance, Kid One Transport and Family Connection.

Burbage told Shelby County commissioners recently that the Health Foundation board was expecting to see an increase in the total fund to some $56 million during the next year if the rebounding of the economy continues.

We commend the extraordinary efforts of our county commissioners and members of the Health Foundation board.

At a time when others around our state continue to struggle with funding issues, we have funds to spare.

Because of planning and preparing for the future, our county is in good shape as far as services for residents.

It’s good to know we live in a county where the needs of the residents have top priority in the eyes of our local elected officials