Council considers new district voting lines

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 9, 2003

The Columbiana City Council

is expected to consider an ordinance regarding the re-drawing of voting district lines at its Dec. 16 regular


The ordinance was introduced by Councilmember Tom Seale at the council’s regular Dec. 2 meeting but not given immediate consideration to allow the public time to comment.

According to information provided by Columbiana Public Works Director Hilry King, the ideal population for each ward in Columbiana is 665 people.

However, he said, the actual number may be within 5 percent over or under.

Under the proposed ordinance, District 1 will include 249 whites and 415 other for a total population of 664.

That means the district will have a minority population of

62.5 percent and is 0.2 percent below the ideal total population for the district.

District 2 is proposed to have a total population of 681 with 550 white and 131 other.

That is 2.4 percent above the ideal population.

District 3 is proposed to include 637 people including 578 white and 59 other.

That is 4.4 percent below the ideal population.

District 4 is proposed to include 683 people.

That includes 644 white and 39 other and is 2.6 percent above the ideal population.

And District 5 is proposed to include 659 people including 593 white and 66 other.

That is 0.9 percent below the ideal population