Giving, not gifts, greatest of season

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 16, 2003

There should be no timeframe on helping others.

Still, Christmas provides an important opportunity for members of the community to reach out to those in need.

When we are young, hearts and minds long for Christmas morning when gifts can be opened. That’s what excites us.

In time, however, we realize that most of the gifts we received when we were young are no longer with us.

Only the spirit of giving remains.

Many people in Shelby County deserve recognition for their efforts to help less fortunate members of the community this season.

For instance, students at Oak Mountain High School collected more than $6,000 to donate to the Shelby Baptist Association, which used the money to buy Christmas gifts for needy children.

While many others deserve recognition for their contributions, a far greater reward awaits those who remember others during their own festivities.

Communities strengthen when people remember the less fortunate, and focusing on others helps people remember that their own problems are not so important.

President George W. Bush has increased public campaigns to bolster community service, and each Christmas season could be a strong starting point.

With one week left before Christmas, several organizations still have opportunities to help others.

The Owen’s House, Shelby County’s Advocacy Center, has 15 children with wish lists that have not been met so far this year.

Remember that working to help others is a full-time responsibility for the entire community, not just a fleeting sensation for a good holiday feeling