Merry Christmas, Iraq

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Once again, the United States Military has come to the rescue of another country in distress.

They have relieved Iraq from the oppression and tyranny of a violent, cruel and insane dictator of more than 30 years.

They have captured Saddam Hussein.

Just like the United States saved the French from speaking German (twice), saved Europe from imminent Soviet domination during the Cold War at incredible financial costs to our citizens, fed the people of Berlin during the Berlin airlift, liberated Kuwait in the 90s from the very dictator they now have in custody, the United States Military has now saved the world from this vicious man as well.

With a few, and I do mean a precious few allies, our troops went into Iraq without the support of many ungrateful countries we have saved in the past and have given a plethora of aid to starving countries throughout the years.

Everything from food and medical supplies to men and women in uniform &045; it has all been provided for them at no one’s cost but our own.

The United States has been a nation of freedom &045; not just defending our own but defending it for many other countries as well.

Iraq is the newest on a long list of many.

Our military, unlike other countries’ military to fight not only for our freedom, but it would appear for everyone else’s too.

It should be enough that we ask the men and women in our military uniforms to protect our country’s freedom but to protect everyone else’s?

Many of these countries can’t and won’t even help themselves, so American troops go in to ensure and maintain their freedom at a great cost.

They risk their lives to protect freedom sometimes for countries that have never known it and don’t necessarily even want it.

Then when it is given to them, they are ungrateful and never reciprocate in any shape, form or fashion.

Then again, it’s more blessed to give than to receive and Christmas is all about giving.

God bless the men and women who are serving in the United States Military.

They are continuing a legacy of thankless, selfless service, long work with little pay, but work nonetheless that continues to give people in foreign lands the same freedom we have known so very long.

Maybe to give them theirs is the only way to continue to ensure our own.

Merry Christmas Iraq &045; Peace on earth, good will toward all men &045; compliments of God and the United States Military.

Beth Chapman serves as Alabama’s state auditor. She and her family live in north Shelby County